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Summer Favourites?

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Well, right now Toronto is trying to keep some warm temperatures and maybe pretend that summer is right around the corner. Our temperatures have been on a roller coaster and the weather can't make up its mind.

So, trying to keep my summer spirit alive, what are your favourite memories or things of summer? Right now I am dying for some locally grown strawberries and blueberries, going up to my cottage to enjoy the lake, and warm nights lounging in the backyard watching for shooting stars.

What is your summer favourite?
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Right now I'm suffering from major cabin fever and I need to keep my summer spirits alive too, so I'm interested in the responses you get.

Would anyone like some rain????????? I'll even send it to you for FREE!!!!
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
Would anyone like some rain????????? I'll even send it to you for FREE!!!!

You're too funny Lorie! But no, I'm water logged as well! Today is the first day of sunshine I can remember in the last while. I think we have been under the same weather pattern.

I usually like free stuff, but not this time! Sorry!

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Its rained almost every day lately, sooo no thanks Lorie!

I absolutely love summer fruits - strawberries, blackberries, blueberries. I have a punnet in the fridge if anyone wants to come over for some strawberry fool (a kiwi dish I LOVE!)

I don't mind rain when its hot, I love the smell.

I love sleeping with the windows open. I just love the smell of summer, and the fact that my allergies are long gone

Since coming to the US, I love fireflies!

In NZ, I love having christmastime in the summer and camping for New Years. Sooo much fun!
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Its been raining here in mn too!! The favorite thing I love to do is to go on long rides on the Harley with my husband.,warm days with the wind in our hair..The sights and sounds and the smell of cut grass,clover when we are riding....
....oh yea summer time....then come home,sit out on the patio with a cold glass of couldn't be better...
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My favorite childhood memories of Summer are:

The taste of Lemonade or Kool-aid as I drink it
Playing outside until the streetlights come on
Going swimming at the local swimming hole.
Going on long car trips

My favourite Adult summer memories

Taking a long walk on a hot summers day.
Still drinking lemonade or Kool-aid.
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im quite suprised coz its been really sunny over here..which is unusal 4 the uk.
and its been sooo hot, i cant handle the heat
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My summer favorites...



Going to the beach or pool

Eating summer foods like salads, watermelon, strawberries

Going to a campground somewhere and spending a few days living in a tent

Neighborhood block parties
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Oh Kellye, I miss fireflies! We don't have them in Florida. For me, summer always meant our annual vacation to Cape Cod. I love it up there so much.
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One of my favorite Summer memories was Summer Vacation from school. Oh I loved that feeling of the last day of school for 3 months. Also, my mother and her watermelons. Now that is great memory. Also, going to the beach. I remember one 4th of July, spending the entire day at the beach and getting burned like a red lobster.
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My favorite childhood memories of summer:

Eating raspberries and blackberries straight off the bushes
Climbing trees
Playing in the woods and building "forts"
Riding my bike
Using chalk on the driveway
Going outside to play after dinner

As an adult:
Having a few *ahem* beverages out on the porch after dinner
Going to the beach
Summer evenings
Going barefoot
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
Right now I'm suffering from major cabin fever and I need to keep my summer spirits alive too, so I'm interested in the responses you get.

Would anyone like some rain????????? I'll even send it to you for FREE!!!!
Oh please send the rain to Georgia , we sure can use it

Well I went this year the first time camping and I like it a lot So I am thinking camping of course . And to get a good snap shot of a Aligator . I am dreaming of a , nooo not white christmas , big Aligator Picture
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Today is finally sunny here too, but unfortunately, it's only 60 degrees.

My favourite memory is tomato pie. I love summer so I can make it with my own home grown tomatoes and basil, and home made mozzerrella. (well, as close as you can get to mozzerella with sheeps milk). In fact, talking about this is making me drool. I think I am going to go and encourage my plants to grow a little faster.
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Man, you guys are unlucky. We've been going swimming since May 21st!! Our summers here are always hot and windy. All we have is sun. We go many places during summer, and this summer we have to take our 6 month old, 85 lbs. PUPPY with us.
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My lilacs and roses blooming

Going swimming

Tomatoes from the garden

Watching my kids catch fireflies (they are out now here--first nite I've seen them)

WARM nights outside


The only thing I don't like about summer is the mosquito bites!
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Camping, campfires, and s'mores. Well, at least burning the heck out of marshmallows!

Going to Camp Perry, Ohio for the National Rifle Matches which are the first 2 weeks of August every year. Such great memories of the team, comeradery, friends and fun.
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Canning day! Harvesting our trees and berry bushes and our garden and spending about 4 days canning and preparing the harvest.

In Alaska summer was wonderful because it meant 9 months of winter was over, and the group I sang with The Sourdough Sweet Adelines would perform at the fair and all over the state in true women's barbershop style.

Summer also means no more mud monsters to grab my boots and spending play and work time with my horses.
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Spelunking. I can't wait until the weather turns less hostile so my group can get out and explore!
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Summer is my favorite time of the year! I love living here at the beach, it's so wonderful to go sit by the ocean. I enjoy just sitting and listening to the ocean, it's so peaceful! I like being able to have the windows open. Your allergies are long gone, Kellye?~I need your secret!
I just love the produce this time of year! It's interesting to me that strawberry and blueberry season haven't reached there yet. The strawberries are almost gone now, and the blueberries have just become plentious this week! The sun is so warm, it's such a wonderful time of year!
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