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Dreamcatcher (possible spoiler)

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I just finished the book, and I'd really appreciate some feedback from those of you who also read it.

what did you think of it? I can't decide if I liked it or not.

It reminded me of a cross between 'It' and 'The Tommyknockers'

what did you guys think?
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Ken would know. He got the book for his birthday.

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Ken....Sandie (I think you read it as well)


anyone out there?
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A cross between Aliens and Christine, and it seemed to me at least that King was fixated on dark vans that ran down people. I think they gave him to much morphine in the hospital as a true King fan, I was really disappointed
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Ya know.... I haven't actually finished it....

I kept it in my car so that when I had to go sit for an hour an half or so at the hospital to get drugs pumped into me, I'd have something to read, and then well, for a long time im in no condition to sit still, so there goes the reading.. I manage a few pages as im waiting for Kylee to get out of school in the school parking lot.. at this rate I SHOULD be done sometime in the year 2002.... I like it so far though...

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I thought there were some parts that were really interesting, and caught my imagination, but I wouldn't put it even in the top 10 of my favorite king books.

Hissy & 3LK

I will mail out 'The Plant' tomorrow. I've been lax.
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AP; I have to agree with you. I finished Dreamcatcher some time ago, and there were parts I enjoyed that I felt could have been developed further and other parts that made absolutely no sense to the story line. Also, the book did one of the things I hate the most; what I call the "hurry up and end this" technique. It is as if King says to himself, "What the this baby is over 500 pages and it ain't gonna be another Stand; so I may as well wrap it, slap it, and profit from it. I agree with Hissy it is NOT vintage King nor is it any inkling of a "new direction of his writing". It is , for the most part, rambling and inconsistent. Some would argue that this is supposed to be "stream of conscious" writing, but even in "stream of conscious" style there has to be a main frame strong enough to tie all the threads together. In this book King seemed to loose track of what he was trying to achieve. I do not think it was a waste of time to read it, but I skimmed a whole lot of it from midway on and it definitely will not be a book I will bother to re-read. They will probably make a "chintzy" attempt at turning it into a movie which will be even less valid than the book.
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Darlene,thank you for so elequontly articulating that which I could not.

Amen to that sista!

this one's for you....

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I love your style- or lack thereof (just kidding about your lack of style....)
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Darlene is always good for a laugh!
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I have witnessed Stephen King's band and their attempt to play Rock 'N Roll

God help us if he ever attempts to do comedy. . . . . I like the older King;
(like The Stand and Salem's Lot or even Misery) And, I would like him to finish the next installment in The Dark Tower series. . .
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