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Oh, MA, you're such a very loving, wonderful woman to rescue Starlight and give him the dignity, care and loving home he so deserves!
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Congrats MA!!!

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Hey Tammie? I can't believe it either! LOL

Can someone clue me in on persians please? Here is what I have noticed....

Trouble breathing, honestly when I look at his face, I don't even see a nose!
He has trouble swallowing- keeps hitching his throat up, like something is stuck there?
When I first put his food down, he won't touch it- then all of a sudden he goes for it, burying his face into his plate and getting food all over him.

He purrs but he trills at the same time? Is this just because of the shortened sinuses?

I had him on my lap earlier, combing him. When he breathes, at the end of each breath his stomach does a sort of half-hitch, then he relaxes and breathes again- hitch- breathe- hitch

He grinds his teeth when he is upset. That is the only way to explain it. He works his mouth and the noise is kind of like a "whirrawhirrawhirrawhirrawhirra" Once we stop doing the unpleasant stuff- pill, ointment etc..he stops

He is dyslexic in grooming himself. He starts and his tongue gets caught in his hair and he has to pull his head up high to extracate himself?

I feel so sorry for him- I know part of the problem is he just doesn't have the normal breathing tube that he should.

Here he is settling in:

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His nighttime cave
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he looks so much better already
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Awww, what a beautiful baby.

I can tell ya MA, I know absolutely nothing about Persians, but I have a special place in my heart for Starlight.

By the way, I'd love to help you write Starlight's story for Save Samoa, but I'm giving fair warning. I'm an absolutely horrible writer. *cringe*

Thanks for the phone call today, and I don't think you need your head examined. You're a very smart person, because you listen to your heart and not only your head. On June 10th Craig and I will be in Oregon officially. I'd love to schedule a time to go and visit you, Mike, Starlight, and the rest of your furry family that I'm so in love with. (Cyclone and the trips especially!!!).

MA, you've a heart of gold woman. I love ya, and thank you from me, Craig, and Starlight too!
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He is sooooooo beautiful Hissy and he sure looks happy and so relaxed now .It really sound like a breathing problem to me , but some cats make a funny noise too .
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Starlight is so beautiful! His little black coloring on his right ear adds so much personality! Looks like he is finally able to relax!
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Its possible its just because of very narrow nasal passages- you are describing what sounds like upper airways obstruction!
My pair both have decent nasal passages so they don't seem to have trouble breathing- but they both have weepy eyes- due to the face shape and narrow tear ducts.
My young one justs puts his face in his food the way you describe- gets food all over his almost white flat .face. His nose is much higher than Bibby's
Both of mine groom themselves after eating like that- as the fur on their ruffs gets pretty long- occasionally I trim Bibby's ruff.
Beaus a bit of a klutz with grooming in general- bit of a lick here and there as it seemed like a good idea at the time! Bibby has a shorter silker coat and is meticulous.
Beau went through a phase a few months ago of grinding his teeth- but was never upset at the time- sounds horrible
www.persian-cats.com has a lot of good info on Persian care
Love the new pics- looks like he's settling in
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Starlight you are beautiful!!! Wow what a difference already. He looks comfy, warm and relaxed. I should think he will get a good night's sleep the first time for a long while. Hissy you are marvellous, you've saved this baby's life. Hope his breathing gets better. Good vibes coming over.
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This morning when I went upstairs this is where Starlight was:

We had put him in Mike's room versus the cat room, because Mike's room has furniture, and the cat room just has one condo and some shelves. He raised up to greet me, put his paw on my face, then laid down and rolled over showing me his tummy. As I sat down to brush him (he still has mats) he began to knead my arm and talk to me. I fed him and we sat for awhile. By that time he had moved to the couch.

I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch and by the time the grooming petting session was over he was laying against the crook of my arm doing his purring/trilling thing. I have to wonder if instead of being in that condition all the time out there, if he wasn't just in a really bad home from the beginning, and they got tired of him and dumped him off recently? His pads are healing where the claws were turned into them. I have been putting bag-balm on them. He is eating- he doesn't drink much, but he used the litter box for the first time and his bum is looking better.

And that's the Starlight update, what a love he is!
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Hissy, I know Starlight still has a lot of problems, but the good care you have been giving him for the last couple of days is already starting to show. IMO, when you compare these last two pictures with the very first picture in this thread, his apprearance has improved drasticly. I'm looking forward to seeing what he looks like after he's been with you for two or three months!
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Hissy , Starlight looks soooo good now . He is a very pretty boy and I understand how you can fall in love with him . But that sound he make when purring , that sound like the same sound my Ginger is making when she is purring . I remember that mzjazz did buy something for the eyes to make it look nicer , but can't remember what she bought . Persian are in general very easy going and very loving cats and it sounds to me you got a heck of a lover boy
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I just think he's gorgeous I think I've fallen in love, and I've only found a few persians attractive....this is one His coat looks so much better post bath and the grooming you've been giving him. I can't wait until we can see his eyes He's going to be a very special boy in your lives, one can just tell!

What have you learned about him so far? Is he a chicken or beef or fish kinda cat, catnip or honeysuckle....we know he's a talker, a patter, a biscuit maker, a lover
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When I saw this little guy it broke my heart, but I am so glad he got you to take care of him. If anyone can bring him through this its you! He looks so much better. I just wanted to cry when I saw the first picture of him and he already looks so much better! He's a lucky little fella!
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I am glad he is doing better and has forgiven you from yesterday. Looks like he is definately a lover and doesn't hold a grudge - especially when he is now feeling better.
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Ohhh, he looks so much better already MA !

I had to laugh when you discribed him as being "dyslexic" about his grooming, I've never heard it put that way, but it fits! My Babycakes has the same problem with her ruff, honestly its cute watching them do that.
About the feeding, do you feed him from a bowl or a flat dish? We found out that ours do better with a flat saucer than a bowl, 'cause of the flatness of their faces. (And I'll tell you all one on Catfolks while I'm here, when we first got the two breeder Himmies, he'd seen the Fancy Feast commercials, where they fed them in the raised crystal dishes?, he ordered a set of crystal Princess House dessert dishes to feed them out of ! I laughed at him, especially when the kitties refused to eat from them. LOL).
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I agree Starlight is looking so different already. He is going to be so handsome. And from what you say MA I think Starlight is in love too. He is gorgeous
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MA if his nose seems to be stuffy talk to vet about allergy meds ours says Benyadryl(sp)? is ok, if it is a wheezing type noise before he starts purring dont worry Rusty
does that,and you may have to wipe his nose from time to time. They are vocal sometimes as in talking to you.
They will talk to each other using strange noises, we have some rescued ferals outside with 3 in and out they are different after having been around Himaylan's for the last ten yearsa
A Himaylan is just a pointed color Persian your can breed a Persian and a Himalayan
and still register them as purebreds. The registery CFA comes back Persian-Himalayan.
BUT They are thge sweetest breed we had a party the kid was pulling the fur on Yum-Yums fur she just laid there she said that if that was her cat she would have scrached
the kid YUm just fussed a little we made the kid stop.
Good luck may he bring you as much joy as ours have.
Catfolks is writing this too lazy to log off and back on
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What a change already, MA! He's looking much better, and clearly has realized that he is among friends -- that these humans are to be trusted. That is so awesome.
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LOL He is a love-bug! I go upstairs now and he prances toward me and bobs his head in greeting. Then he lays down and rolls over, bats his paws in the air and says "Look aren't I cute?" and I have to agree he is.

I will say that if he can't integrate with the cats and the dog in the next few months, he can't stay with us. Although he has captured my heart- and hubby's too, if he can't accept what is here, I will find a home where he will be loved. Judging from the emails coming into my bin today, that isn't going to be hard to find for him. There are people already wanting him!

But regardless, he stays here until he has good weight and is healthy and if that stay is short or long, he will be loved and cared for. We are sort of like a special needs foster facility for the down-trodden. If I kept every cat that I rescued, it diminishes what I can do for the one that will follow Starbright and there will be one, there always is.

I hope that makes sense to everyone, because it is just the way of it here.
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It makes a lot of sense MA. See what happens. He is safe now anyway and being loved and cared for, and showing apprciation for it. I bet he thinks he's gone to heaven.
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Hissy :Then he lays down and rolls over, bats his paws in the air and says "Look aren't I cute?" and I have to agree he is.

OMG , Ginger is doing that the same way and that is how she got my heart . And may I say this is soooooooooooo cute

I will say a prayer that he will integrate with the other cats
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What a special sweet boy...I loved reading this description of him rolling over and waving his paws. I hope he'll integrate, but if not, am sure you'll find him a wonderful forever home.
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MA, he looks so much better and has the 'air' of a Persian about him now. It's wonderful that hes already responding to you in such a loving way, although I'm not surprised.

Here's hoping he can intergrate into your bunch but, of course, if he can't it sounds like there are many, many loving people ready to adopt him. I smile to myself, imagining a beautiful persian regally walking among your 'moggies', I think it would be a lovely sight.
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I know you'll do what your heart tells you right MA. Either way I applaude you for being such a caring person, and for going through getting attached and then having to detach yourself once you find him/her a good home. That takes a lot of strength, and lemme tell ya, I definitely couldn't do it.

Sounds like this boy is quite the lover, and I just can't wait to meet all of you guys. Awww. He's the first kitty I've ever had any sort of hand in helping rescue, and I honestly didn't do anything at all really.

I can't wait for more pictures, I swear I check this site every chance I get, just hoping for more tid bits of his sweet natured antics, and pictures pictures pictures!

Thank you MA for caring for him like he deserves it. I think Starlight believes he's found kitty heaven!
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I was just upstairs checking on him- LOL Mike is up there now with him on the computer. Mike says I need to talk to Starbright! When I asked why, he said that he was on the computer just minding his own business, and Starbright came and sat at his feet looking up at him. Mike pet him, then star walked up mike's legs, settled on his chest for just a few minutes purring madly. Then he walked up mike's shoulder, around his neck, up on top of his head, back down his neck around the edge of the top of the computer chair and back to mike's chest. So I went over to where Star was laying purring on Mike's chest and said "Little one, you don't need to take so many detours. You are already in our hearts!" LOL I just wish I had seen this cat that was afraid to move two days ago, tap dancing all over pop's head!
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LOL! Man, it sounds like he can't get enough attention. Poor baby is probably just thrilled that the attention he's getting is positive and loving and he wants to get as much of it as he can before he gets "dumped" again.

I'm so happy for him, I can't tell you how my heart swells when I read about him and see pictures. He so beautiful and his personality is definitely heart captivating. Man I want to pet him soooooooo bad!

SOON, very soon!!
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MA, earlier on, you were calling him Starlight and now Starbright. I just want to know what I should call him in case I want to come over there and catnap him.
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Aaaww! Starbright has so much love to give, and I'm overjoyed he's with you and Mike where he can finally receive the love he so needs!
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