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My goodness , Fester you drive like you have a speed car lol .

Oh M.A. to you . I know it has to be really hard on you to say good bye to Starlight .
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Awwwww *sobs*. I'm gonna miss him and I only got to love on him once. He's a super special fella thats for sure. I'm gonna be shedding a few tears with ya MA. I'm already starting.

I said "Ooooh awwwww!!" and Craig "what?" I replied with "Jimmy is picking up Starlight tomorrow" then he said "then why'd you say awww". Well, I said it because I won't get to visit with him anymore.

Take good good care of him Debi and please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease post pictures of him for us all. He's become such an object of adoration and love here at TCS.


You are truly an absolutely wonderful man. Thank you so much for everything you've done and that you're doing. You should be given a special badge by your name here too perhaps dubbed as The Official Cat Site Carrier or some such. You're terrific, thank you so much for everything.
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Cassandra, you should stop your wrending of garments and gnashing of teeth, Fester is on the case!

I have set aside a special website where you will be able to see photos and read accounts of Starlights progress from the moment he comes aboard until the moment he arrives at his new home!

Here 'tis!

How hath Fester rocked me, let me count the ways!
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Uncle Fester you've had me blubbering all over again. I have only met Starlight on this thread, but how I love him. Sweet precious boy, journey well. How wonderful to have his own site.
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MA I won't be here for quite some hours now and I don't know if Starlight will still be with you when I get back. But I will be thinking of you
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Originally Posted by Uncle Fester
I have set aside a special website where you will be able to see photos and read accounts of Starlights progress from the moment he comes aboard until the moment he arrives at his new home!
What a spectacular idea!
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Thats a fantastic website, and I'm flattered to have my picture up there with him although you'll prolly scare off some people !

Uncle Fester.. you are the *man*! Not only are you transporting him for free, but you're dedicating a site to him! Yay! I'm gonna be checking it daily just to make sure I don't miss a thing.
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Fester I want you to know how sorry I am about the loss of your mother. She raised a caring son.

On a light note, how do you drive one hand on the wheel and one hand on the keyboard? You created an amazing web page while driving cross country. How do you do it?
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Fester , you did a great job in making Starlight a Star in your website
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Well Little Snort, is all packed up and ready to go. We spent a large part of our early morning playing with him on top of the bed. He has had his bath, and Mike took a look at the *care package* that is traveling with him and shook his head and said he hopes Jimmy has a bigger truck than last time we met!

I made Jimmy my famous Brownie Chocolate Peanut Delights last night, and he will have enough chocolate in his truck to share with all his trucker friends-

He is going to be here by noon our time (he thinks) He must literally fly down those highways!
See you when you get here Jimmy and thanks for putting up such a neat website for the Starlight Express!
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Hey, tell the lightbulb and cat transportation consultant that his "arch-nemesis" said drive safely!

"Cats. Always letting us know that we are the SECOND most important creation in the universe."
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Travel day
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Well so much of this thread is gone now- let me just condense it for the new folk, since we lost a lot of this in the forums crash.

Starlight traveled in fine style with Uncle Fester to Debi's house in California. There it was found that my vet was wrong and Starlight was an intact male, so Debi had him neutered right away.

He has settled in wonderfully, does not even look outside, has no interest in being outside ever again and Debi loves him truly and completely.

He has been made an honorary member of the website Eye Envy and anything he needs as far as powders and eye care etc...all Debi has to do is ask!

Here are some updated pictures of him so you can see how wonderful he looks, and how much he is loved-

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Nice to have new pics of our lovely little prince -- even if we did lose some of his story -- <sigh>
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As always, he's a stunning little guy. What a truly wonderful story, one that I will never forget.
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Awww Starlight! Thanks for the summary MA!
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The poor baby!! You have a great heart! You know, 5 wks ago my neighbor brought me a stray persian that someone had dumped, it was snowing outside. We found out he had been dumped by a breeder after he wasn't breeding. Took him to my vet, the persian who's about 3 yrs old, weighed only 3 lbs, was only skin & bones, full of knots, smelled terrible, & had a terrible diarrhea, giardia, needs a dental, he walked lifting his rar legs because he was sore, we couldn't even pick him up because his tummy was also sore. He is a love bug and very loving. Weighs 5 lbs now. Good luck, I'll keep you both in my prayers!
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I know we have lost pages and pages out of this thread, but how is the little snort doing? Any new pics you would want to share?
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Goodness! We'll definately wish for the best for this kitty. How sad.
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How about an update Debi?
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you little buety I was thinking from the first thread that you should find a way to keep him after all your care and hard work. heres to a lot of happy years for the little fellow
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What ever came of the poor sweet boy????
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Here's the ending of the story

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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
How about an update Debi?
I haven't been around in months! Shame on me.

Starlight is so wonderful! I love him to death. He behaves very much like young kitten, LOTS of running & jumping. He plays till he falls into a heap...then DEEP sleep. He was a wonderful addition to my house. Don't have any new pictures of him though. Thanks for still thinking about him!
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Ahhh I miss kowabunga kitty! Give him a gentle hug from us-
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He thought about dashing for the door...only momentarily though. He got right to the edge of the door frame & looked out, nope, it's scary out there! I'm pleased so many of you remember him. He's very special to me.
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I just read in Jimmy Frosts column that he won't be writing for the Cat Site anymore? Anyone know any more? Starlight remembers him fondly...
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Debi he is busy with his other rescue websites and personal issues- He isn't gone off the board, he just won't be a regular contributor for the column anymore- I just talked to him the other day on the phone, he is doing great!
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Starlight & I celebrated his rescue one year ago(Memorial Day weekend)
He had some special ham babyfood, which he loves.
What he likes best is to sit on my lap & be petted. He did say it was a much better weekend then a year ago.
He send his love to Mary Ann & all the rest who remeber him. Thanks Debi
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Holy cow! It's been a year? Give that little scamp a scritch under the chin. I am glad to hear from you and if you have current pics please email them to me so I can post them. He is still on my desktop and in my heart!
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