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I mean Starlight. I have a sister that took in a stray called Midnight many years ago. Sorry about name goof.
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Mary Anne that photo of Starlight in the condo is beautiful, what a difference you have made in this precious little one's life. Please give him a hug from Auntie Ann.
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I really think that he wasn't dumped, but maybe escaped out of a cabin or a motorhome or car? With this personality I don't believe he would be intentionally dumped by anyone. But his bad days are behind him now, and yes, he is King here for the moment! But only because most of my ferals have yet to meet him- Tractor Butt would mow him down in a moment's notice!

So he is safe, and right now he is on the condo grunting his good morning message to me- I think Cassandra is coming over today to meet the King- To heck with meeting hissy!
I can't wait to meet her either- she was supposed to come on Friday but never showed up so we rescheduled. I might have to put her and Craig to work helping us build a horse fence-
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MA - make sure you take some photos!

I want to cuddle and snuggle with the King, I have been keeping up with this thread and I just love it.
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Oh Hissy, I have just gotten on here this evening and saw the pictures of Starlight and cried for him I was so happy! He is a different cat from when he was first with you! He is GORGEOUS! And he looks absolutely like he is so very happy and loved now!! I can't tell you how good I feel at seeing him like this! Remember the "snub" he gave you for helping him and causing him some uncomfortable times...well, I am pretty sure he has gotten over it!!!
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Seems I am always a day late and a dollar short!

As I was checking rest of posts, I saw where Starlight has gotten a new family to own! But Hissy, what I said is still true. The picture you posted was super! And I agree...he DOES look like the king of his domain in his new condo! I am really sorry it didn't work out to keep him but I am SOOOO very thankful you are the kind and considerate person you are and I applaud you for helping the poor little baby!

And to his new family...looks like HE has YOU already!!
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*agog* What a story this little munchkin has had!! well.. give him extra love form the NC area, and I'm so glad he's got a quiet home to look forward to. He is indeed adorable. and Jimmy has to be an angel! *huggles to all involved in the kitty rescue!*
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Good thing when Cassandra_Starr came to visit tonight, she didn't bring a larger purse- she wanted to steal Starlight.......and Noddy...........and Wink..........and Bailey..........and Kabota.......... LOL

Here she is with Starlight- Cassie, it was GREAT meeting you and Craig- you are good people! Come back any time!

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Looks like Starlight couldn't care less!
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Craig and I had a BLAST with you guys. He really really liked Mike and was just fascinated to hear about Alaska and about how Mike makes his knives.

I have to tell ya, if I had known I would've fallen so much in love with your entire crew I woulda brought a whole entire semi with me to cart them back to my house. Kenai included!!

Starlight was pure delight MA. I had so much fun watching him play and petting him. Like I said he doesn't have a purr that boy has a MOTOR! LOL! I can't wait to hang out with you guys again, and of course to feed the horses *grin*.

Awwww, I had so much fun!! I didn't mean to take up your whole night though. I got in the car and said to Craig "Woah, we were there for that long? Guess time flies when you're having fun".

Thanks so much for having us over. You two are absolutely wonderful people and meeting you was a wonderful experience. I look forward to more time together!
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Next time, come over around dinner time, we'll barbecue in the back yard, let the horses out of the pasture and maybe they can steal your ear of corn? LOL

Seriously, you both were a delight to meet, and you are welcome any time- Hey come tomorrow and help us dig post holes!
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Now there's an offer not to be refused! *Kumbulu packs her bags for Oregon*
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Haha, you tell Mike I said he's not allowed to dig post holes tomorrow. He needs to take a computer day and let his back have a rest! I'll consider coming and helping dig those holes when it's not nearly 100 degrees out!
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LOL- I have a plan, I am going to bury Kenai's kong at the place we need a hole and make her dig!

Noddy really fell in love with you guys!
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Go Kenai!
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So thrilled to see you and Craig are the ones to get Starlight. I can't think of two nicer people to have him. How is he doing with your other babies? Fitting right in, I would guess. He is just a kitten at heart isn't he?

Did you get all moved in? Hope to see you soon. We are still in the process of getting packed up ourselves.
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Cassie wanted starlight, as does everyone who sees him. But he leaves in a few days to go to his new home in California. Debi is anxiously waiting for him to be delivered

Debi I know you are watching this thread. Jimmy was in Missouri yestereday afternoon and hauling butt down the road!
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When you think of how sad this thread started out, and now it is the most exciting thing ever. to all of you. to Starlight.
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People make me sick. How can you just abandon a cat like that? I am so glad you rescued it. What a lucky cat!
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Hi Marilyn,

I *wish* I could have Starlight. Unfortunately though my home wouldn't be best for him. I already have three beautiful boys and I don't think they'd take to me getting another one. Besides that Starlight deserves someone who knows how to take care of a persian properlike and that someone is *not* me.

He's such a beauty! MA, give him some smoooches for meeee!
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Howdy all!
Missouri yesterday, halfway through Wyoming today, Nevada tomorrow night and California Thrusday-I think.
The factory that was making the product I'm hauling was running late in production so I got started out LATE, but on the upside, I'm only carrying 8,500 in the box and since I'm running so light, I can soar up the mountains, but I've got enough weight to really get moving down the other side!

I spoke to Jim, he's the load planner for Northern California and told him that I needed to get through eastern Oregon and he was pretty encouraging, he did put a note on my trucks "screen" (The screen the dispatcher sees when they pull my truck up for dispatch) that says I need to get through Oregon. I'll tell them about getting to California after I get Starlight aboard.

On the care side, you should all know that I only give the cats aboard my truck bottled water since water quality can vary so much from town to town and many waterborn illness's can be passed along this way.
I change the water three or more times PER DAY since we can get dust and hair in the water, we keep it fresh.
I'm also going to get an air filter that I will be able to plug into the ships on-board inverter to help filter the air.
I also exchanged the kennel cage I recently bought since it was a pain in the butt to assemble and unequal to the task in that it was TOO SMALL!
Fester likes LARGE!
I exchanged it for a soft-sided kennel that folds down nicely, stores easier and doesn't rattle and vibrate like that metal cage did.
I can also use the bunks "barricade net" (A blanket netting that you wear over yourself when sleeping to act as a restraint in the event of a crash) to secure the cage in place while in transit. This is MUCH EASIER with a soft-side cage than a steel cage, and no
I also got a new kitty-bead and made a kitty-shelf that they can claw all to pieces becasue this carpet is PERFECT for that, they can also lay on it and get a commanding view of everything.
I also bought a few new stainless steel feeding bowls that are weighted at the bottom. I like the stainless bowls, VERY EASY TO CLEAN!
I have a kennel cage aboard for several reasons:
If I'm even in a Freightliner dealer and the cats need to be out of the truck, I have a cage to place them in.
If I'm in one of our shops, the cages we have at some shops are, in a word, NASTY!
If I ever happen across another kitty in distress like that one in Louisiana last year, I have an isolation cage until I can get the animal to a vet for shots-tests-etc.
In this case, It might be a good idea to let Starlight spend some time in a seperate place to get "sniffed at" and allow him to adjust to the new surroundings and noises.
I remember the first time I hit the engine brake, Zoey and Bari both nearly jumped out of their skin.

I have a HUGE, covered litterbox, the biggest one I could get, it's got a scoop and a spool for liners built right in along with a charcoal filter and I even installed matting where the kitty can scruff the litter off of their paws and Zoey LOVES this feature.

I've had a sisal scratching post on one of the cabinets for as long as I've had Zoey and it get's used, it also helps them get up to the top bunk where there are two more kitty-beds along with another on the dashboard that is sucured in place with velcro. I have 4 kitty beds, one on the dash, one on top of the litter box (both secured with velcro) and two for the bunks.

All in all, a pretty cat-friendly truck. Nevermind the fact that Zoey likes my chair and every time I get out of the truck, she's laying in my chair when I get back, she prefers I stand in the door and pet her rather than her move so we can get going.
She also likes my computer case and I've probably got so much cat hair in my laptop, I'm amazed it even works!
Bari likes the steering wheel for his naps and the bed on the dash when he can get it.

Gotta get some sleep now, but I just wanted to let everyone know where I am and when I expect to get there, maybe if I get the right load, Saturday?
Again, that's if the right load falls in my lap, but this carrier is good about getting you where you need to go.
That's all for now,
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Jimmy- when you get here, I will give you a really nifty litter box air purifier that you can plug in and it will cut down on clay dust, odor, and other air born contaminents- you can see it here at this website still under construction.......so save your money on that air filter you want to buy.

Sounds like you are burnin up the road and makin tracks! I can't wait to see you again- mike has a pocket knife for you as well and there will of course be toys for your kitties!

I will never be able to thank you enough for pulling this off - you are an amazing man!

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Jimmy, when I die, I want to come back as one of your truckin' kitties. What you described sounds like cat heaven!

It sounds like Starlight will be so happy and pampered, he's not going to want to leave that cab!
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LOL! I'm with you Kumbulu, I would be delighted if I came back as one of his trucking kitties. Get to see all kinds of sights and get to live in cat heaven. Can't beat that!
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Originally Posted by hissy
you are an amazing man!
I second that!!!
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In Toole, Utah. Will now deilver in California FRIDAY. I couldn't make it to the destination by tomorrow, so I'll deliver early friday morning and see where my next trip takes me....
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Travel well Uncle Fester This is so exciting, it is like reading a non-fiction book, or looking at part of a film. There's an idea
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Starlight Express in on the move and going fast

Be save Fester and please don't get a speeding ticket
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Uncle Fester...
You are my vote for a very very special person to do this!!

By way, where did you get the kiitty that you have on your comments (at bottom...the calico?) It looks like the kitty I grew up with (many...WAY too many years ago! ) I never met a kitty that I didn't like, but my Evercudy (That is what I called her...she was every color...hence Evercudy...Hey give me a break...I was a kid ) was my playmate, my confidant, my shadow and my absolute love when I was growing up as only child. What is her (your kitty) name? (I am assuming girl cause I had heard calicos are almost always female. Is that right?) She is adorable!
(Don't tell my current furry son that as he doesn't take well to not being the center of attention and love!!

You certainly will be in my prayers each day for safety on road! God Bless You!!
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you can find out all about Zoey and Jimmy in our Cat Snips section look for Fur The Long Haul, that's his column
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