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Originally Posted by PurrfectCatlove

Uncle Fester how wonderful of you to be the Starlight Express
Doesn't this special story just keep on getting even more special
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Doesn't this special story just keep on getting even more special
Yes very special Pat

I sure can not wait till Fester is picking up Starlight and the pics and story of the trip
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I just got settled in our new home here in Oregon. MA I'm so HAPPY you found a home for Starlight, and Debi it sounds like you'll be a wonderful mommy to him. Thanks for wanting to give love to this very special special cat. He's loved by so many.

Man, I've missed this whole thread and have continually been thinking "I wonder how Starlight is?" I'm so thrilled that he's gonna be a pampered little boy!!!! MA, he's gonna miss you, but it sounds like he won't be far away, and Debi will be there to share pictures and post of his playful antics.

Thank you Jimmy for transporting him and going out of your way to help make sure his life is the best possible. On a not related topic, I drove a BIG OLE 24 foot diesel truck carrying all my belongings from California to Portland, Oregon, and I must know... how in the WORLD do you truck drivers manage to make any corners in those things. I only had 24 feet to drive and I'm not even gonna tell you how many curbs I ran over *cringe*. I definitely commend you on your superb driving skills. I'm surprised I'm even alive to type this after driving that thing!!
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Hey Cass! Welcome to Oregon- hope you can really meet Starlight before he begins his journey.

BTW you are welcome here at the house anytime!
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Not long now till Starlight boards the Starlight Express This is really a story I'm never going to forget and it just keeps getting better. Thanks once again to all involved with saving this precious babys life. I'm so glad this threads been made a sticky!
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MA, I think Starlight's story should be known by a wider community. Perhaps, once he is settled into Debi's home, the media may want to know of this special little guy's story from the very beginning to it's wonderful end.

Keep on truckin' Jimmy! It's almost time for the Starlight Express to pick up it's special cargo.
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all i can say is wow !! I only just found this post (i usually dont go into this forum much as I just cant stand the thought of what some people can do to animals),... anyway I just read all 26 pages!! I couldnt move until all pages were read.
I cried - I laughed - I cheered - my heart broke - my heart melted....

everyone involved in this story - you are amazing people - words can not describe how amazing you are - I am lost for words and that doesnt happen often.

I am presently holding one of my cats - hugging him - blessed that nothing like this happened to him - how lucky some of us are - and how lucky was starlight to be standing on that part of the road and that time of the night when that particular car drove past - that the people in that car knew of someone that might help - it surely is a miracle - it just goes on and on - every step is amazing.

everyone involved - THANKYOU - thankyou for opening your hearts for this percious little boy!!! Your all angels
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oh and Tania - that picture you edited - could you send me a copy of it? I would like to print it up and put it in my office as a reminder
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Sure Dan, PM me your e-mail address.
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I have the story in my head, but it won't be committed to paper until I kiss this lovely boy goodbye and wave tearfully to Jimmy as he drives off with this precious cargo. Then the story will probably spill out of me- I had to laugh at Jimmy today he called from Atlanta and said he is sort of angry with himself. He turned down taking this cat home for himself before he saw his photo! LOL

But that's okay, Starlight's new mom is eagerly waiting to give this special kitty a very special forever home-

I will miss him, but I will be relieved that he is going to a really good place-
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I know it will be so hard for you to let sweet Starlight go.
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Originally Posted by hissy
... until I kiss this lovely boy goodbye and wave tearfully to Jimmy as he drives off with this precious cargo. Then the story will probably spill out of me...
I will miss him, but I will be relieved that he is going to a really good place-
Yeah...I can barely imagine how that will feel, but I know if it were me, I would be a complete basket case. What an incredible story, what a series of miracles! Kudos to everybody who has had a hand in Starlight's rescue -- and especially to you, MA, who took this little unfortunate soul, tended his most pressing needs, helped him remember what a charmer he is, and then found him a loving forever home. He is a most fortunate fellow!
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MA, Venita from the HelpingPersian list wants a copy of Starlights story. She's in the Los Angelas area of California. So let me know when you get it all together.
Thanks Jimmy for transporting Starlight. We couldn't do this without you!
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Has Jimmy arrived yet to pick Starlight up yet? pls keep us posted! Sniffle Sniffle.. I am sure it will be hard for u to let go of Starlight! I would be bawling my eyes out but I understand what u mean about being relieved that he's going to a good home that will meet his unique needs.

Debi, pls let us know when Starlight arrives and all the details of his first day with u and his new family! I'm sure others are dying just as I am to hear all the details once he arrives at ur home..
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Uncle Fester, is this pictures of Zoey at the bottom of your message? What a cutie!
What state are you in now?
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Last I heard, he was in Atlanta getting his truck worked over. He has promised to call me the minute he heads west- and then I will call you and or post here as well-
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Fester just called, he's heading westbound! As soon as Monday comes up he will call the loadmaster and see if he can get a load out near us around the 24th- If he can, we will meet him and hand over this precious cargo. He is heading for McClellen CA right now, but he won't be passing near us on his trip, he will get us on the return trip-
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starlight express is on its way (hopefully)

to Fester you have precious cargo waiting
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What a long journey this is. I sometimes forget how small UK is. How is Starlight Mary Anne?
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He is fine, spends the majority of his day under the bed- he really is afraid of dogs, and Kenai sends him on a run skidding under the bed. But to his defense, it is really hot here 97 today and it is cooler under the bed, near the air ducts on the floor. He will come out when I come into the room, and he is gaining weight, and still fiesty!
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I'm glad Starlight is keeping cool and enjoys coming out to spend time with you. Have you told him about his upcoming journey?
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Starlight notes for Debi-

Before he eats canned food, you need to either put drops in his nose, or put some food on his mouth otherwise he can't smell it and won't eat.

You need a covered litter box- he digs to China! LOL What a mess, he flings litter everywhere-

Drop a few colored marbles or stones in his water bowl and he will drink the water more than if he would otherwise.

He is still really sensitive on his back feet- clipping his claws requires dosing him with Rescue Remedy to mellow him out.

If you brush his tail he will bite you

He attacks anything on top of the blankets at night, but if you sleep underneath the covers he will leave you alone.

He does better bathing in a double sink than a bathtub

He grinds his teeth when he is unhappy

And here is his latest photo taken just a few moments ago

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Awww, I love this cat. He's so precious inside and out.
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Look what came in the mail today!

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Beautiful, Tania!
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MA, LOL at "If you brush his tail he will bite you".

He looks like the king of his domain sitting there in the condo.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Look what came in the mail today!
thats great Tanya
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Starlight sounds to me like he is a very happy cat right now
And what a love in that pic he is

Two of my Persian do not want me to brush them at all and will take off . Olie my black Persian will swat with his claw out if I try to get his tail with a brush , I can trick him while I pet him to comb him on top some . But if I try more then that , oh boy I better watch out .

This picture of Starlight : There is always hope brought tears in my eyes .

Great picture of Mr Starlight on that cat tree and he is still very beautiful
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I cannot for the life of me understand (or even TRY to) how some people can just dump animals. If they no longer want them, they should at least have the backbone to take to shelter where the littles one can get care and at least a chance at a happy home.
But I am so very thankful that you got Starlight and care for his/her physical problems as well as show him/her the love that was so abruptly and cruelly snatched away from him/her. I am hopeful that K is right in that possibly Starlight escaped from a loving home and is being searched for. Is Starlight neutered and/or declawed? If declawed, it is just unimaginable that he was abandoned defenseless!!
Give Starlight a hug and let him/her know that all of us send lots of love just for him/her. Please keep us all informed on the progress of Starlight and how Starlight is emotionally and physically. If any can give you a hand/advice/help please let us know. Thank God for you Hissy!
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Realized how far back in time I posted to this. I pray little Midnight is a happy, happy kitty cat now. How is Midnight and did you find out sex? (figure you have now)
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