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Good Lord, this poor kitty!! *With an updated picture!!!* - Page 7  

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I've just seen this now

What is wrong with people who let their animals get in this state

Their day will come!!!
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That's what I like to think Rosiemac..........what comes around goes around, and thier day will come!
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And a new owner for Starlight has been found! One of Cassandra's aunt (Marilyn) is going to be Starlight's new and forever owner! The plans are a bit up in the air right now because they are in the process of moving to a home in the country. So rather than have Starlight have to deal with to many changes, chances are he will stay here until their move is finalized and then we will drive him to his new place.

Marilyn, if you are lurking, thank you. Your emails and phone calls show you are woman of great warmth and compassion, and it is my belief that Starlight will be safe, loved and protected in your care.
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How wonderful for Starlight...congratulations to Marilyn...I sense life with this persian will never be dull
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Woo Hoo for Starlight! MA, don't forget to hand over all the secret persian business when he goes.
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Those are tears of joy . I am soooooooo happy for Starlight and for Marilyn and I want to send you my congrats to you . You will have a heck of a dead trop gorgeous Persian Are you going to keep the Name Starlight ???

Oh Hissy , thank you for caring so much You are a sweet heart and your husband is wonderful May God richly bless you and your husband for all what you do in every way
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I am so glad Starlight has found his forever home That's wonderful news. What a story this sweet kitty has to tell
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Well said Hedi!
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Congratulations Marilyn!!

I'm excited about him being in the family, and being able to visit. You do realize that you have to take pictures often and post them here so that everyone can visit him. He has quite the fanclub.

Also, if you ever have any questions behavior and health wise, this is the place to come. There are so many cat loving experts here. Can't wait to see him in person and love on him!
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Congratulations Marilyn and Starlight
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Hey, what a great bunch of cat lovers....and all this time I thought my Sammy was the only cat in the universe....hmm,of course he is special. I'm tickled for my sis Marilyn, as the oldest of our family, she is the caretaker for sure. He will be head of the household, watch out Bob, ha. Like I said before its answered prayer for me, I didnt know how bad he was when I stopped and picked him up. But once I did I wanted him to be cared for. He never gave me a bit of trouble,he was so week though. And my sister Linda were we went to visit and her husband where the ones to contact you MA, because of Cassie.....anyhow just so many helping out. He is a privleged pussycat. I keep thinking about when I stopped and I thought he might try and run away from me, but as he started to walk away, I talked softly to him, and asked if he needed help,he stopped and turned toward me, and gave to tiniest meow. Of course I seen no eyes (whoa) poor guys eyes were totally shut. I reached down and petted him, and oh my he was all backbone. I then picked him up, asking him, have you been hurt. Seeing no blood, I took him to my car, he was like a feather, I can hardly carry my cat. And when I put him in this shallow card board box, he just melted, as if, at last someone to take care of me..............Well thats part of the story!!! THANKS for the pictures it more than I could of ever hoped for and now I will see him again at my sisters GOD is GOOD. Bless you all .......Sharon
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Oh Bless you Sharon! I can't thank you enough for saving him!
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Cassie, Mary Anne, and all "Starlight" fans,
Thank you so much for your good wishes. I feel very privileged to be granted this honor. He is a special boy and I hope to give him the kind of care he deserves and needs. Cassie, and anyone else, who is in our area...come visit. In the meantime, I will post pictures once he gets here and on a regular basis afterward (that is as soon as I get the digital camera/computer thing figured out). He will be keeping the name "Starlight"..and, romantic that I am, I love the idea of him being a prince among Persians...conjuring starlit desert nights, Ali Baba, the Genie...sorry getting carried away!! LOL
Many thanks to you Mary Anne for all your care and for kitty-sitting until we get the new house details worked out. We want to make as smooth a transition as possible for him. My husband, Bob, and I had our 38th anniversary today. We both thought this was a great gift to be given. He is very happy for me, since I have wanted to be a "Persian" person for a lot of years. We will do, our best to keep Starlight in the style to which he has become accustomed at Mary Anne's.
Thanks again...I will be in touch with you all on a regular basis, now that I have found this "Purr-ific Cat Site". I know I will need a lot of Persian coaching...all tidbits of information will be greatly appreciated.
Have a wonderful evening...mine has been so great
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Happy Anniversary Marilyn! It was wonderful to talk to you today and I look forward to meeting you soon-
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My Goodness, I keep going back and looking at his pictures, and MA since he's been bathed.. well I can't really explain it other than to say he looks SO HAPPY. So beautiful and content. He just looks like a gentle soul, bless his heart.

I can't wait to see more pictures. I'm thinking he's gonna start getting smug and strutting a little because he knows now that he has no matts and he doesn't smell bad, that he's the cutest and most handsome thing ever. LOL!
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Marilyn is going to have her hands full! He is a little sh**! He wants to play all night and bites our feet and hands and anything that moves and happens to go out of the covers! LOL Safe to say he is feeling much better about his life. We don't discourage it right now, we celebrate that he has spirit and is rediscovering his kittenhood.
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I am so happy to hear that Starlight has a furever home. He is a special kitty, no question, and so many special wonderful people have played their part in rescuing him from the brink of ... and giving him the life he deserves.

Congratulations and kudos all around. Starlight is indeed a lucky boy (not to mention, a handsome devil!).
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Thats great news- hope we will have regular updates and photos!

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Some new information has come to light and in view of these new developments, Starlight will continue to stay with us until a proper home can be found.
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Whatever these development were to change the original plan, I know you will find the most appropriate, loving home for Starlight! For now, he is being spoiled and enjoying the very best possible care!
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I just hope he finds a wonderful home.
This story has really touched me because he looks so much like my young cat- and the behaviour you describe is so similar.
catherine (who is often woken at night by a little brat wanting to play!)
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Wish I was closer so I could be in the running for being owned by him - he just touches my soul!
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MA, I'm sure that no matter what he'll get a good home, and thats important.

P.S. Sorry to nag, but when do get more pictures, I'm a Starlight addict!
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ARRGH! He's matted again! LOL YOu have to let me find time to get him combed out and looking pretty! He only has two mats, but the other day he had none, and I am like "Where did those mats come from?"
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I'm sooo happy to hear that he keeps improving each day that passes! Thanks to all of you for taking the time to help this little one.

It makes the feel good reading stories like these.

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Lol hissy, my long haired black kitty is the same way, he'll be fine for a good while - no matts, and then whammy he's got two. Unfortunately they are always near is rear end, he dosen't mind being brushed anywhere but near his rear end.
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I went upstairs and looked for a wind machine! I know there isn't one up there, but he has to be getting these matts somehow!
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Ok here is he is again- back by popular demand!

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MA, be prepared...that is a daily chore! Starlight must have fur like Tiki...it knots up by just looking at it!

What a beaute! Good job MA!
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He still is really tender and sore, and although gaining weight, not much stands between him and the comb and the brush right now, so he isn't all soft and fluffy looking like other persians, but he does look better

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