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Well his eyes were so matted shut when he was picked up. I wondered if he was going to have vision problems, but he sees just fine. He bites my feet as I am leaving the cat room.
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Hissy, What an ADORABLE cat!!! I've always wanted a persian, but thought you could only get them from breeders. I can't believe someone dumped this beautiful cat!! I can't imagine giving up any of my babies! Those orange eyes are stunning!

I love looking at all the pictures out here...
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Originally Posted by hissy
So do Persians have orange eyes then?
Yes, they can..but when it comes to expected eye color in relation to coat in Persians, I'll have to refer you to Sam and other Persian folk here.

Shell...all colorpoints must have blue eyes, and Himmie's are a breed that comes only in colorpoint. Not saying that well...there are several breeds who come in colorpoint which is a pattern of where color is distributed (ears, tail, feet..the "points" of the cat).

I have always loved that American Curls come in all recognized colors and patterns, some of my older curls are colorpoint (patrick is a cream lynx point).
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Well he is a lover and a charmer and is gaining weight and strength daily. His home here though is temporary. I have a breeder that is now actively looking for a good home for him. After what he has been through, he deserves to go somewhere, to someone who can appreciate him and love him as a solo cat.

I am not qualified to find such a fine cat a good, loving home. If he were another feral that would be one thing, but he is special. So I have entrusted a breeder to take over the job of finding him a loving and forever home. I am hoping by the end of June such a home will be located for him. He is easy to get attached to.
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You will find the very best home for Starlight where he will receive all of the finest things in life as someone's one and only love! You've been this little boy's miracle and you have so much love to offer that you feel led to share it with each of the kitties that finds you. I'm sure you will have a difficult time parting with sweet Starlight who has stolen all of our hearts!
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He's gonna live the life of a KING MA. He seems so happy to receive love and to give it. I do hope that whoever gets the honor of taking Starlight will share pictures with us all. He's such a special cat to everyone now, as you know, all of us love him. He's got one of the biggest furless families a cat could have now!

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Hi cassie,
It's Craig's Auntie Marilyn. You are so sweet to be concerned for these small creatures. I wish I could have seen your three babies when you were visiting in Silverton. I just put in a message to MA about maybe being adopted by Starlight as his steward...I hope to hear soon if I am being considered. Craig's Mom was concerned about my grandchildren being too much for Starlight to handle, but they both are very respectful of all animals.. they are not allowed to mall them like some little ones are...they learned early on that isn't tolerated, and they are not at our house all that much.
As-a-matter-of-fact I believe the littles ones would be good for each other. We all need friends. It would be great to have Starlight here. Then all the members of the family that came to his aid can come see him anytime. Isn't he gorgeous? MA has done an excellent job bringing him back from the brink of almost certain death. We all owe people like her a big THANK YOU.
Hello to Craig, too, I am so glad you are moving to Oregon...I can't wait.
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he looks wonderful- hope you find him a great home where he can get lots of attention.
Monica- you don't need to go to a breeder to find a Persian- I found Bibby in a shelter when she was 8- had never heard of a Himalayan- thought she was a Siamese/persian crossbreed initially until I did some reseach (after I said I wanted her). I am now addicted to the breed.
Unfortunately there are a lot of persians and himmis in shelters looking for homes. I believe Bibby was well cared for in her previous home- I was even given her papers. I was told her owners were moving somewhere that didn't allow cats.
My young cat, Beau (in my signature) was from a breeder. Best option as Bibby was an older cat who may never have lived with other cats- - chose a young cat of the same breed. When I lose Bibby I will look for an adult Persian/Himmi that needs a home.
Himmis are just a colour variety of Persians. Their gene- the colourpoint is recessive- and they always have blue eyes and the siamese type colourpoints.
I think of Beau as a Persian with the Himmi colours- his mother was a grey Persian with orange eyes- but a colourpoint carrier. His father was a Seal Point Himmi.
Bibby came from a few generations of Himmis- had more of a nose and yowls like a Siamese.
I'm sure there a lot of people here who would love to give Starlight a home- I know I would if I didn't live so far away.
looking forward to more photos and updates- and would love to read the details of his rescue
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Hi Marilyn,

It's good to hear from you! Craig and I are quite excited about our move up, and it seems the final move in day just can't come fast enough for us. Our three brats will be moving up with us, and you'll be more than welcome to come visit them and us.

I have to agree with you, Starlight is gorgeous. It's easy to fall in love with him. As for you adopting him, that is up to Hissy and the breeders that are searching for his home. From what I understand there are lots of people interested in this fella. Guess he can't go wrong can he?

It's so wonderful to hear from you, and I look forward to visiting with you again. However, next time we play board games, you and Craig are SO not allowed to be on a team together!
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Marilyn, thank you for your PM. It was good to get more information about Starlights condition initially. I can't THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH for stopping in the first place! He wouldn't have lasted much longer according to the vet.

I have answered you via PM, but also wanted to answer in this thread. Because of the fact that Starlight needs to be a solo cat (no dogs either) and because he is such a special fellow, anyone wanting to adopt him, the information will be turned over to the breeder in charge of finding him the right home. He is not free, we would like to get our costs back, so that we can help the next unfortunate kitty that is coming, and they always manage to arrive. So again, I turned the information over to Gloria, and I am sure she will be in touch soon.

A big hug for stopping your vacation and rescuing this critter!
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You're good people. (=
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I hope whoever provides Starlight with his forever home will be a member here and continue to post photos. This is only the second persian I've ever been so strongly drawn to...something very special about him! Just seeing pix of him!
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oh gosh what a cute face , I am in love too

M.A. , I think it is fair to Sarlight to have a only cat home , or maybe a very calm 2nd Persian cat with him . He needs all the attention to make up alll what he missed out on and to get very spoilt . I am glad there is a fee for him and it is just fair and right to do . If some one can not pay a fee , they wont have the money for vet care too . That is just how I see it .

Starlight you have all my prayers and love for a new good home baby
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What a difference a bath makes- right after getting out of the bath
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Well, I just read through this whole thread, and I'm amazed at Starlight and his wonderful transformation, but everything I"ve seen and read about MA, I'm not surprised. She truly is an angel................our best wishes to Starlight and who ever is the lucky person who gets to be his forever home...........God Bless him.
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Getting to the various stages of dry-

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Enjoying his new bed

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Thank you "Aunty Lisa" for all the "secret Persian things!"
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Boy he is just drop-dead gorgeous! Looks like a Catnip'N Nap bed?
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LOL Pat! Of course you would know!

He also got Eye Envy powders and lotions and ointment. He got shampoos and pads for his pads? Some new toys and this cool cat bed. Whoever ends up with him will also have a nice box of goodies to take with him.
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Originally Posted by hissy
LOL Pat! Of course you would know!

He also got Eye Envy powders and lotions and ointment. He got shampoos and pads for his pads? Some new toys and this cool cat bed. Whoever ends up with him will also have a nice box of goodies to take with him.
What a wonderful gift...hmmm...he's got folks he doesn't even know sending him presents & spoiling him, his new family better realize they have a prince among persians coming to live with them
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What a wonderful success story. Starlight looks more beautiful every day. He is definitely a very special kittie. What a sweet face, and I love the black markings on his ear. What a difference a bit of love can make, ( I know you've given him a LOT of love, but i think yu know what I am trying to say). Please give Starlight a hug for me.
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The Amber eyes (or goldish orange) is pretty commonly the standard in the majority of colors (fur) for Persian's.

I'm sure you'll find him a wonderful home! I have to admit though, I'm a little disapointed you are unable to keep him. Understandable though.
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He is so beautiful MA you have done wonders for him.
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MA, he really is a beauty!
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He looks great! How is he fairing healthwise? Hopefully those matters are cleaning up nicely too!
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I am glad to hear from you in response. Crai and I are mind readers when it comes to playing games. We both share the same birthday...so we are definitely on the same wave length.. Starlight's "After-bath" pix are great. He is so beautiful. I can't wait to find out where his new home will be. It would definitely be a honor to care for such a celeb. It is a resposibility, too, as you well know. But one that I wish more people would take seriously. When I met Sharon and she showed me that little matted fur ball in the back of her van..so many thoughts ran through my mind...it was hard to imagine what must of lead to his condition, but the important thing is that he nver have to go through anything like that again.
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He is doing well healthwise. About the only things are his eyes and his stool. His eyes are runny, his stools are not. But they get caught on his hair and he still won't let you really touch his back legs. The vet said just that he traveled so far he wore them out. He is lying on the top step of the staircase looking quite pleased with himself. I think he likes smelling better! I know I like it!
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You have brought out the inner beauty of this guy, as well as the outer beauty. Consistant gentle caring works miracles. I loved the one lady's comment about him being a prince among Persians. He looks so soft and so clean compared to my first glimpse of him. Thanks for all you do.
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We put in a message request to have Starlight come and share our home...we have been out shopping for a digital camera...just in case...so we can continue to show him off, if the privilege is ours.
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