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new cats

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hey guys so sorry for not posting in long time but I two new cats
I ADOPT from shelter their names are tiger who turn 6 days ago she has
tiger stripes and pretty sea green eyes and second cat name piper
(from tv show charmed) she black and remind me of autumn.
GOT them in jan 2004 but made oops mistake they got outside and next
thing I know got pregnant so late in march tiger had her litter of kittens
on march 3/20/2004 and piper had her kittens on march 3/29/2004 piper
did have three kitten but last one born was so small and didn't make it
so now piper has two very cute kittens one black just like piper the other
one is a blue/silver tabby kitten which I am keeping ,,
tiger had two kittens one black and one tiger stripe with little bit of orange
tigers kittens name are mittens a girl (tiger stripe) black one a boy midnight
pipers kttens name are black a boy name cinnamon,blue/silver tabby kya.
so pretty soon tiger and piper will get spayed and kya will get her shots and
when she old enough she get spayed to
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I'm very suprised since you adopted them from a shelter they weren't spayed immediatly.

Good luck with the little one, and with finding the others permanant, responsible homes.
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They all sound lovely! Yes please nuter them! I hear more and more shelters nuter errly. Becuse many body forget.
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