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Roxy's Story

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Hi! I'm new here, and I found this page while searching for opinions on different cat foods after I got some mixed messages from stores. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my Roxy. She's from the SPCA, and she's a Maine Coon. She's two years old and was surrendered when she was a year old. She spent 6 months in the SPCA (we don't euthanise in my city) before we found her. My husband was reluctant to get a cat because he's never had a pet, but I grew up with them and missed their sweet purrs, and their fur smell, and sandpaper tongues. He agreed that after the wedding, we could get ONE. I knew ONE was it but MAN is that hard to remember when you're in the shelter. Anyway, Roxy was in a cage in the very bottom left hand corner of the room, and one of 160 kitties that month. She was very quiet and hidden at the back of the cage and it was very easy to miss her. I saw a little laminated sign on her cage and it said, "Volunteers, please spend a little extra time with me. I'm shy but I like people. I don't like other cats." I then noticed she'd been declawed, and then I saw her age. The reason she'd been let go was because she "didnt' get along with other cats". Well, DUH! I felt really sad for her, and asked if I could see her. She was so beautiful with her big green gold eyes and long soft fur, and when she reached her little paw out to me I knew she was mine.
The minute we brought her inside, we were hers. She had NO trouble with the litter box, eats whatever food we buy happily, plays for hours, loves my 4 year old nephew and charms everyone who meets her. She can never go outside because she has no natural defences, so we try to play with her as much as we can. She loves moving lights and has the sweetest, tiniest little chirp of a meow. I would NEVER give her up in a million years and don't understand how anyone could. She is the neatest cat in the world.
Plus, my husband is now a reformed cat-lover.
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Welcome to TCS, Lisa and Roxy! Roxy sounds like the sweetest, most beautiful little girl and I'm so happy she stole your heart and claimed you as her family! She has such a lovely story and is now being given the wonderful life she deserves! I'm glad you've joined us here and I look forward to seeing more of you! Would love to see pics of Roxy if possible!
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Welcome to our TCS Family, sounds like you've got a beautiful kitty there! If you need any help navigating the boards or posting pics (hint, hint), or just any questions, just click on my username, or http://thecatsite.com/forums/member.php?u=4869 for Caprice and private message or email one of us, we'll be glad to help in any way we can. Enjoy your stay here, looking forward to seeing more of you and Roxy!
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to TCS! My husband is also a reformed cat lover! I am Caprice (Candie) and I can help you through here if you need me too, and Cindy (kittenkrazy) can also! Hope to see you around!!
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To TCS and enjoy your stay

Your cats story made my heart melt How wonderful of you to adopt her . I am sure she is very pretty the way you talk about her . If you have pictures of her , please share them with us in the picture forum , we love to see cat pictures
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Welcome to TCS to you, your husband and Roxy.

What a wonderful story and thank you for adopting her and bringing her into your lives.
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That is such a great story, you all were brought together!

I know what you mean about not understanding how someone could give her away. My cat was found as a stray and the rescue group found out from neighbors that he had just been put out to fend for himself after he wasn't a kitten anymore. I mean I can't stand the thought of him outside and scared scrounging food. Plus he is so cute NOW, and such a nice personality.
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Welcome to the site! Roxy sounds like a real dream, I'm glad you gave this little shy kitty a chance.
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welcome to the site
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