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The kittens are here!!

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Well, actually, the kitten is here . Alli gave birth to two kittens during the night. By the time we found them around 6:00 this morning, one was pretty much dead. I think it broke its neck, because it wasn't moving much, it just kept opening and closing its mouth, and its head was unstable, it would have just fallen backward if I had let it. Their names are Morris and Guenivere(sp?). Morris, the one that died, was black. I couldn't tell the gender, so since Guenny was female, I just named Morris like it was male . And Guenny is calico. She's really cute and very healthy. Luckily for us, she didn't hide the kittens so I'll be able to socialize Guenny properly as she grows up. We're going to keep her since she's the only one. So anyway, yeah, that's about it. Alli's doing really great. She's making a great mom. It's really sweet, cause everytime Guenny mews, Alli's right there. So anyway, I'll hush now
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That's great news Alli...I'm really sorry about the kitten that died. Please keep us posted on how Guenne does.

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My congrats to you and to mom
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Sorry to hear one died, but congrats on the living one! Is there any chance we can see pictures?? If you need any help don't hesitate to ask!
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Congratulations, Alli! Welcome to TCS, Guenny! Please keep us posted all about the new addition to you family! We love pics of babies!
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Hey Alli...I forgot to mention, if you need help with finding a low cost spay/neuter clinic for 'mom' once her official kitten rearing job is over...let us know and we can help you.

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Sorry to read about Morris, but welcome to Guenny and congratulations to Alli.
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THanks everyone! I need help figuring out how to put a picture up, if someone can help me out!
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I wish I could Allicat, I don't know myself. Someone will come to your rescue.
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Poor Morris. But Guenny is beutiful cat! Alli sound like such good mommy. Sound like such happy family!
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