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I'm New ... I did this backwards ...haha...

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Hello Everyone,
I am new here. I was so desparate to get help with a pregnant feral I was
trying to catch I just jumped over to post my plea without stopping here
first to say hello. Well, I am pretty sure the mom cat gave birth, but I did
catch a few others that have been and are as I write this being spayed and
neutered. I will continue next week as there are a few more out there that I have seen. Anyway, my name is Janet. I frequent petfinder.com and this
site was recommended to me. I am finding a world of good info over here.
I also just joined the about.com cat forum today. My computer has been broken for months and I am amazing myself on how much I have managed still to get to these cat sites !! haha LOL !
Anyway, my cats name is Prettyboy. He was one of 2 litters that had been born outside 2 years ago that I rescued and adopted out to loving forever homes. He was the last most scared cat and by the time I got him to trust
me (7 months outside !) I had run out of adoption options and so I guess he
picked me to stay with. I am still trying to socialize him to my friend and her
son as they are his guardians. He is now a totally inside kitty. He was just
two years old this past May. Here are 4 links to pictures of him.
He is my big, on a diet, precious, sweetie pie and I love him to pieces.... PB

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Welcome to TCS Janet! Prettyboy is ssooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing his pics! I'm glad you're finding this site helpful. I'm in love with it! LOL. Prettyboy definitly looks very happy.
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thank you wellington !! yes, i hope he is happy. he certainly has me wrapped around his paws ! i love him to pieces !
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Welcome to TCS fellow Petfinder addict.

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Welcome to the site
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Janet, I think you and I have already "chatted" once today, but I still want to give you a formal welcome to TCS, and to tell you that if you need help with anything, just click on my username (or caprice, she's my wonderful mentoring partner) and private message or e-mail either of us, we'll be glad to help! Enjoy your stay with our "family"!
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Welcome to the site! Prettyboy definitely lives up to his name. What a cutie!
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hello and welcome to the site what a cutie
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Welcome to TCS.

He's definitely a handsome fellow.
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Thanks everyone !!
And yes KittenKrazy I think we did chat on that other site.
I'm jumping around so much now I'm making myself dizzy. LOL

And Hello again TNR1 !! you fellow petfinder .... now you just have
to jump over and join the about.com cat forum and we can all confuse
the heck out of each other.
Over there I am jlba58 because I had joined about.com 4 years ago
to post in their classic movie section as I was looking for an old tv
movie and I could not remember the name of it and they found it for me.
Anyway, I just used my old name and sign in. But I am thinking about
changing it to PB or Prettyboy over there. It will make it easier for me.
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Welcome to the forum! I love about.com!!
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