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Saddam Hussein speaks

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Saddam Says 'Evil' U.S. Policy to Blame for Attacks
Sep 12 2001 2:48PM

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein said on Wednesday that devastating attacks on the Pentagon in Washington and the World Trade Center in New York were the harvest of the "evil policy" of the United States.
"Regardless of...human feelings on what happened yesterday, America is reaping thorns sown by its rulers in the world," the Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted Saddam as saying in his first directly reported comment on the attacks.

"He who does not want to reap evil should not sow evil," Saddam said at a meeting with the minister of military industrialization, Abdul Tawab Mullah Hwaish, and a group of engineers.

Thousands of people are feared dead after hijacked airliners demolished the twin towers of the World Trade Center and caused carnage at the Pentagon, heart of U.S. military might.

The United States is exporting evil, corruption and crime, not only through its armies deployed in various parts of the world, but also through its movies, Saddam said.

He also referred to "current criminal acts, backed by criminal, racist Zionism, against our Palestinian people."

Saddam did not rule out that Tuesday's attacks were carried out by American nationals.

"If what happened to America is an internal affair, the Americans are best placed to diagnose the ailment," he said

Iraqi state television on Tuesday hailed the attacks as the "operation of the century" which the United States deserved for its "crimes against humanity."

President Bush has pledged that the United States will hunt down the attackers and make no distinction between terrorists and their hosts.

U.S. and British warplanes conduct virtually daily flights over large swathes of northern and southern Iraq to prevent Iraqi forces from conducting operations against anti-Baghdad peoples in the regions.
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Saddam is an idiot!
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"He who does not want to reap evil should not sow evil,"
Interesting.... IT's phenonmenal how all the evil people flew on the same 4 airliners, worked at the WTC or Pentagon!!!

I didn't know that those Terrorists had a list that included names of all the "evil" people they killed on those airplanes, WTC, Pentagon, etc.

Point being..... the victims were not sowing evil, yet these terrorits treated them, and ALL OF US like we are! Is this getting personal... YES!!! OOooooh that guy makes me sick!
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I have to say, this article made me sick to my stomach. to have such a monster like him say such disgusting things about this country and the people that live here makes me beyond angry.
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I'm thinkin that the new subject of this thread should be...

Saddam Hussein vomits

We should have "done" him when we had the chance...

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Had I an opportunity to examine Saddam Hussien in the dock at the bar of justice, I would ask him: "Exactly what 'crimes against humanity' were committed by the thousands of innocent victims who died as a result of the 'operation of the century'?"

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This man is not even worthy of being called "human". He is even less than a demon seed. He is a Satanic Fart who should not be allowed to "stink up" the space on this earth that his body occupies. :bat :bat
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