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Hubby had a colonoscopy today

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This seems so trivial compared to other things that are happening, but my husband went in for a colonoscopy this morning. He's been having some bleeding so they wanted a picture of his insides. They removed a few polyps and sent them for biopsy, we should have the results in about a week. They also found an ulcer and took and sample. Hubby is full of Demerol (often given to women during delivery, perhaps some of you have had it) so he's happy and spacey right now. It seems to be wearing off a little and I expect him to sleep the rest of the day. I'm glad he's home and relieved it looks like another bout with a childhood problem, not something more serious.

(Oh, and just in case, because one of my aunts got confused: a colonoscopy is when they send a little fiber optic camera, ie. scope, into the colon to get a look; that operation where they remove some or all of the colon and you have a bag attached, is a colostomy. This was the first one.)
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Your poor hubby....did he have to drink a gallon of clear goo to clean out his system? I have heard from several folks that drinking this goo was worse than the procedure!

I'm glad he made it through the scoping with no problems. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the biopsies come back clear.
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Colonoscopies are very common now. Usually they reveal nothing serious, but it is good that he gets the polyps removed, to prevent future problems.

He will be fine.
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Ow! I hope he faired well. Drinking that stuff really does something to your gag reflexes. Hope everything turns out okay.

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Heh... Drinking the clear stuff was the worst...

Getting knocked out and being able to sleep for the entire day was great though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have no experience with this procedure but I'm glad to that your husband checks out ok so far. I'll be praying for you.
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As a person who's endured such an examination, not to mention a few barium enemas along the way, I totally sympathize with your husband — when he needs sympathy, after the drugs wear off. Talk about going the wrong way on a one-way street!

I extend to him (and you) my best wishes, that the laboratory testing produces a negative result.

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Prayers to you and your husband that all tests will be okay. Please, let us know how he is doing.
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Hope he's fine Sunlion - all best wishes to you and him
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Hope all goes well for you and hubby Sunlion!! (the procedure doesn't sound pleasant!! :laughing: )

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I hope he feels better now! Is this a man thing? Seems like our male members are all familiar with the procedure.
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Sadly...women have to have these as well. One of my best friends from college had to have one when she was only 28! Ick!
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I sure feel bad for your hubby having to go through all that!! My dad used to have to have that done, and he HATED it! I hope everything checks out okay for him!
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I"m surprised how common this is for guys to go through! Sort of the male equivalent of a mammogram, I guess.

We got the biopsy results back today and the polyps were benign! Big weight off our shoulders. The blood he was having is probably from the ulcer, and there will have to be medicine for that. But very manageable. We feared the worst.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.
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That's great news! Please give your husband my best wishes.

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Wonderful news Sunlion - I'm happy for you both
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Oh I'm so glad everything was okay!! *hugs*
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