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New kitten!! :)

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I rescued a 3-week-old kitten!! We think her mother moved her brother and sister, but left her. We named her Mitzi, but her nickname is Gingerkit. It will be Gingerpaw from 6 months to a year, then from then on, it will be Gingerflower. We are having trouble getting her to eat, (we have kitten milk and a bottle) but I suppose it's just shock. I just her. Does anybody have any advice? Remember, shes 3 weeks old!
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Bravo for rescuing the baby ! Go to : http://www.kitten-rescue.com/, this is a site that Hissy and Kumbulu have put together just for this type of thing, good luck !
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ohh congrads to you for rescueing this baby.
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Oh yeah, she is just DARLING!
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You will love that kitten site, it will tell you everything you need to know. Good Luck and bravo for rescuing her.
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Mitzi loves to be set on your chest and then climb onto your shoulder. Her "motor" runs most of the time. We're thinking she could be a therapy cat. She is so relaxed. We took her to my aunt's house and she was so relaxed, she even let my 4-year-old cousin hold her. Though she did mew, but she's only 4 weeks.
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She is beutiful cat. Thank you for save her. You are good person. How do she eat now?
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Originally Posted by Stingy
How do she eat now?
She eats okay, she doesn't much like the bottle, but, I wouldn't either.
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Fireheart, how old is she? You said in your first post that she was three weeks but then you said four weeks? If she's four weeks, you can see if she'll lap the warmed formula from a jar lid that had been washed and rinsed well. Also, you could try giving her the kitten glop mentioned on the rescue kitten web site as she may prefer the taste of that. Something else you can try is a different shaped nipple on the bottle. Some kittens prefer a bigger nipple and others a smaller one.
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