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help with my cat

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hi everyone - brand new member her. yesterday my wife and i brought arnold, our maine coon, in for a summer trim. well, when we got him back he looked like a poodle! i almost cried. he looks like he got a wiffle. he is a big guy - about 20 pounds and about 2 feet long from head to rear end, and of course he is long-haired. but now he looks like a poodle. i know there's nothing we can do about it, but can anyone give me any ideas as to how long it might take for his hair to grow back so at least he looks a little bit like his old self? THANKS!
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Awww,....Poor Arnold. I don't have any advise, but just wanted to send my condolences and hopes for a quick regrow!!

BTW, Welcome!!
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piantosca, welcome to the site i probably shouldnt say this, but when i read your post, about him looking like a poodle, that really made me laugh .sorry.

i dont know how long it will take for his fur to grow back, but someone will come along who does, hope you enjoy it here.
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So they gave your cat a "lion" cut?? I'm not sure exactly the period it takes for fur to grow back.

Actually, some people have that cut especially done to make their persian look more attractive. We had a rescue cat that had the lion cut at one of our adoptions.

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I think its going to take a couple of months one of my long hairs had his hair shaved years ago and it seemed like forever. My short hair has a big spot shaved from his surgery and I have to go through the same thing with hair regrowth. Feel his skin though- its so warm

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When Dori had her tummy shaved for the spay it took about 6-8 weeks for her hair to grow back. Another thing is, she had a white spot on her tummy before that and now that the hair grew back, the white spot is gone.
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i moved this to the proper forum for you
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