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Anne, Thanks~

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Hi Anne, ( and everyone else too ). I just saw my 'medal' by my name that says TCS Veteran and wanted to say THANKS! That is terrific.....I feel 'honored'. I feel special now!! LOL

Anyways, I miss you all. I've been by to lurk around but haven't really posted much. But I think of you guys, and miss all my friends. Hope you are all doing well. Happy Memorial Day to all of you!

See you around!
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Hey! That looks pretty spiffy!

Good to see you around Daniela!
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Hey Daniela! So good to see you around!
How are you doing? Hopefully we'll get to see more of your shiny medal around these parts
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Daniela, the ribbon matches your rose! Congratulations
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Daniela- Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. You wear your medal well
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My congrats on the new medal it looks great on you
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Daniela- Congrats on the medal. You've deserved it.
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Congradulations. You deserve it.

Hope to see you around when you can stop by.
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What a beautiful medal you have earned!
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Congrats Daniela! I love your new medal!
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Yeah, it does match my rose!! I love my rose and my medal too now!

I have been lurking around. Haven't posted too much, life is hectic. But I think of you guys often and stop in when I can. Hope you all are doing fine. I'll be sure to post again soon!!
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