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Tipsy & Cedar Update

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Hi everyone!!

whoa what a frantic couple of weeks its been... starting ones own business surely is a lot of work!! someone should of told me this 3 months ago!! I put in for a large contract last week so been working hard towards that - fingers crossed it comes through - would be a nice relief... anyway back to the purpose of this thread.

I thought I would let you know how things have been going the past 3 weeks since I introduced Cedar into the household. I did mention a few weeks ago the dramas of Cedar hurting his leg - and Tipsy having a fever and not eating etc... so since then its been certainly interesting!!

They both got over their illnesses and were slowly becoming friends. They were still being seperated when neither of us were home, but when we were we let them together. Tipsy wasnt too excited about this newcomer but was handling it pretty well!! The first week was just lots of sniffing, chasing, fighting and biting!! yup - we had to work on that biting bit...

After the first week Tipsy started taking more of an interest in Cedar and started grooming him - which was really sweet - I could of screamed when he first did that - oh wait I think I did
Cedar of course still wanted to play and attack... we nearly called Cedar "No Fear" because he seriously has no fear of ANYTHING!!!
The biting was still occuring so we were working on that... they were still not friends and it was getting a little tiring around here - they just chased each other around and around and around and around our house - although it was very amusing!!

Tipsy wouldnt let Cedar have anything - If Cedar was playing with a toy then Tipsy decided that HE wanted that toy, if Cedar was on the scratching post then Tipsy wanted to be there - and on and on it went...

Tipsy likes to sleep on the desk next to my computer.. so much so that I have put a towel there for him.. but then Cedar decided that he wanted to sleep there TOO!! hmm interesting - its all fine while your so little I was telling Cedar but what happens when your big!! you cant both sleep there... however I let them sleep there as I think this is where alot of the bonding was occuring (I have pictures and will post them in the pictures forum)

Anyway last weekend - it had been 2 weeks since Cedar arrived and my husband and I were going out for the night... the 2 cats were sleeping in front of the fire in seperate beds.... so we decided to risk it... we didnt seperate them and thought we would let them sort themselves out...
well we came home and they were sleeping all cuddled up in the one bed - I was soooooooooo excited telling them how proud they made me.

From here there was no turning back - no seperating - no nothing - and its working they just love each other... altho I must admit that I think Tipsy just tolerates him sometimes and I think he goes outside to get some peace Cedar is so full of life and Tipsy likes to sleep!!

Cedar follows big brother around constantly - if Tipsy is awake - then Cedar has to be awake - if Tipsy is sleeping - well then Cedar just might sleep too - sometimes on top of Tipsy!!!
They obviously still chase each other around and around and around the house - and we have finally got the fighting and biting sorted out - now its just play fighting...

they have both been back to the vet today ( I told the vet I wanted to buy shares in the clinic today because I have been there so often lately!!!) as they are both unwell - thankfully its nothing to serious and are both on antibotics... Cedar was just sharing some bug he brought home from the shelter with his big brother

so thats the update big claps for Tipsy and Cedar

I will post some new pictures soon
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Boy, you sure have had a busy couple of weeks! I can only imagine how elated you must have been to come home that night to find Tipsy and Cedar cuddled up together! So happy to hear that after all the hard work and patience on your part, they are such great buddies! Please keep us informed as they recover from their illness. Hope your business is doing as well as your babies!
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Awwww Danielle im so pleased

I know the feeling when you saw Tipsy grooming Cedar, you just think "at last, their pals"

Rosie can still give Sophie the odd nip when their playing, but then so can Sophie!, but the vet said that this was nothing to worry about, if anything it was a good thing but to keep an eye on them so it doesn't go too far!.

The way she jumps on Rosie, honestly, the poor thing!. But she hates Sophie going for her tail .

Sophie still goes back for more though!
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I sooooooooo know what you mean!!! Tipsy will be sound asleep and then wham - theres Cedar on top of him!! and the tail!! oh yes!! I know that one too!!! Always going back for more no matter how many growls or swipes HAHAHA they are all the same arent they...

when I feed them I put their bowls away from each other - but Cedar always thinks Tipsy is getting something better - so he runs to Tipsy's bowl and starts eating and Tipsy just looks up as if to say "Mum get him away would ya". I laugh every time.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Please keep us informed as they recover from their illness. Hope your business is doing as well as your babies!
I will - its a viral infection - I posted it in the health forum so didnt go into it here - poor Tipsy has been gagging for a month and I thought it was a hairball - then he started sneezing early early this morning. And Cedar had been sneezing for a while - so that was it - both off to the vet!!

business - yes I hope it does go as well!!! I got everything possible crossed right now
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