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Sammy Boyo

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Boyo is very good with my foster animals.

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Maxwell House, Decaf

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Maddie May Cat

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Sammy Boyo is my cat. Max and Maddie belong to my parents. Those are the only pictures I have online of Max and Maddie. They were taken the night the cats were dropped off when I was pet-sitting while my parents were moving to the home they just bought.
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aww, what cute pics! I especially ove the one with Samy and the dog!!
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Awwww their so precious

I loved the one with the dog as well
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What pretty cats! Sammy looks like he's a very good helper with the fosters. I've never seen a cat with coloring like Maddie. She's very pretty!
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Very cute!
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The stray I have right now looks a lot like your Maxwell House Beautiful kitties!
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Oh my , they are all very pretty . I sure like the first picture , that is to cute
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They are all cute, but that first photo is wonderful.
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