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new kitten

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Onyx is all black with no tail and a very active kitten . It has been seven years since I had a kitten and have a few questions.

First and foremost is his interaction with our pet dutch bunny. The bunny is a mature male and doesn't seem to be bothered by the Onyx. Our worry is about him "humping" the kitten. I have been told that cats and rabbits usually get along really well, but this is a bit too well. We are worried because Onyx is so young. We have moved the bunny into a cage for the first time in his life, because this morning we almost couldn't get the bunny off the kitten. Even with the bunny in the cage Onyx continues to try to play with him. Do you think the bunny will hurt Onyx or should we let them do their thing?

Second; biting, at first I thought it was Onyx's way of telling me he was hungry, cound he really be 'that' hungry? How much, often, does a seven week old kitten eat? How do I get him to stop biting? When he bites, regardless of how hard, I say in a firm sharp voice "OUCH" hoping he will catch on that it hurts. if he don't stop with that I put him on the floor.

Third; drinking, what is he supposed to be drinking? The family I got him from said to give him cows milk, but he is not a baby cow so I opted not to. I got some "CatSips" catmilk, and he seems to like it enough. I also have water available to him, but he doesn't seem to be drinking enough for how hot it has been.

Fourth; poisonous bugs, namly spiders, will they make Onyx sick if he eats one, he loves to catch bugs.

Fifth and final; eggs, I used to feed Opus(rest his soul) a raw egg every week to two weeks and he loved them. It also made his fur nice and shiney and soft. Is Onyx old enough for this treat or should I wait till he is older?

one more thing, are all tailess cats manx?
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Good call on the cow's milk. It can cause tummy upset and diarrhea. When he is 6 months old, getting him neutered will stop him humping your rabbit. Keeping the two apart is a good idea until that neuter takes place. Maybe you could just have a bunny room for awhile, and keep him out of there?

You might want to take a look at this website


For his biting, give him a small stuffed animal with no removable parts, or a rawhide chip, for he is teething and he needs something to gnaw on-

Also please do not feed kittens or cats raw eggs- just the yolks, not the egg whites
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it's the bunny humping him, he us now 8 weeks, and the bunny gets on him and nearly squishes him. the bunny has been in a cage for a week now, and Onyx still tries to play with him. The bunny will dance with him and play back through the cage.

My main concern right now is how much he should be drinking, it gets hot here and he is all black, he turns to a blob of cat in the heat. He does like bathes and we give him a couple a day to cool him down. Also the poisonous insects.
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First of all..welcome to the site. Is Onyx an indoor or indoor/outdoor kitten?? If there are many poisonous insects that he could accidentally ingest outdoors...I wouldn't let him out. Of course a quick call to your vet's office should let you know what if any bugs you should be on the look out for and what if any symptoms you would see if Onyx was in trouble.

As far as water goes...I have one of those fountain water dishes that runs continuously....my cats can drink as much or as little water as they want.

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he is going to be an indoor cat only. I don't think I can handle loosing another.

We have fresh water available to him but he just don't seem to be drinking it. I give him tuna juice sometimes to help make sure he is drinking enough.
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I would do several things to get this kitty to drink water. Leave a small trickle of water running in your sink and see if he investigates. Get a small, wide mouthed glass bowl, fill it with rinsed aquarium rocks and then fill that with water. Dribble a little bit of tuna juice in the water to give it scent. Take some jar lids, clean them really well and fill those with water and leave them out. Put a small study bowl down big enough the cat can climb into , put a tiny bit of water in it, toss in some water proof toys (ping pong balls work great) maybe a few ice cubes and create a small mini bathtub playground. I use a big rubber bowl that you feed livestock in. The kittens love it and they jump in and splash and play with the toys. Then they get out and lick their paws, and soon they are drinking out of the water.

I misunderstood about the humping. Short of getting the rabbit neutered or waiting for the cat to grow up- I am out of ideas. You could get a female bunny but then...........two bunnies become twenty after awhile.
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Bunny can be nutered. Ask a bunny vet. Mommy and daddy bunny is not good idea.
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