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Cats And Birds

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Do any of you own birds and cats? I have a lovebird Peaches and 2 Zebra finches (who will soon be on eggs! ) Peep and Beep
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I don't but my sister has 2 zebra finches as well, "Sage & Onion"!
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Those birds must be driving your cats nuts.
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I used to.

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I have 3 cats and 11 birds of various sizes. The big brds chase the cats (too funny), but the cats like to "watch" the little birds closely. The little birds have their own room with a closeable door. The little birds are never out unsupervised, the big birds are supervised too - just so they don't eat the furnatire or the cats.
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I'm glad you asked about this. I'm birdsitting two parakeets for the next two weeks, and I've been wondering what to do. I picked them up about three hours ago, and took them to my in-laws' house (close by, so I can go over there twice a day for feedings, etc.), because I don't know if I can trust JC not to open the cage or sit on it and give the birds a heart attack. The only other bird we "sit" for is a cockatoo, and he can stand his own against JC, with or without a cage. He's even learned to say, "No, Jamie, no!", and "You're a bad boy!" when JC starts to stalk him. My husband thinks I should keep them in the spare bedroom here (they make a real mess), but I'm not sure if I should risk it. Anybody have any ideas?
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If you keep them in the spare bedroom, just be sure to keep the door closed - but keep a light on and/or window shades open - they like light, but not alot of direct sunlight where they cannot get away and possibly get overheated.
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my cats have never seen a bird
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