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Need Urgent Help

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One on the few cats we had not yet had TNRd had kittens this morning. We were going to let nature take its course but there was an incident with some dogs and we now have momma and her two very young very small kittens in our feral room. The problem is, although momma let us grab her and the kittens and get them in the house, now she has escaped and is running a very confined space. She will not go into the kennel wiht the kittens. We have tried all we can think of and are currently trying to supplement feeding with KMS but the kittens will not take the milk. I am afraod that they may die before she feels safe enough to continue caring for them, could some one please advise me on more inventive ways to get the babies to take the milk Just incase momma doesn't come around in time... Thanks so much
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Hey Phendric....have you visited the kitten site:


Also...THANK YOU for caring for this mom and kittens. I'm sure that someone will come by and provide you with ideas to get the mom back in with her kittens.

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I don't know if she's on, but since this is urgent I would contact Kumbulu since she is our Kitten Advisor. Also, please look at www.kitten-rescue.com for immediate help.
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Heidi..LOL..we must have posted at the same time.

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If you can transfer the kittens out of a kennel (that probably has a lot of odd smells including yours all over it) and put them in a large cardboard box with lots of padding, the mom will more than likely simmer down and go to them. Dim the lights, make sure the kittens stay warm and out of drafts but try that and see if it works for you.
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What do you mean by 'running a very confined space?' Is she actually with the kittens, somewhere in your house or outside?

You will not need to do anything with the kittens yet. As hissy said, put them in a cardboard box on some soft bedding. If they are cold, follow the directions on warming the kittens on www.kitten-rescue.com . For now, concentrate on getting the mom-cat back with her kittens. Once you have her, put her in a small room (a bathroom is OK with her kittens and all the other things she needs and just leave her alone. The mom-cat may not take to the kittens, as she's been through a big trauma with being trapped and confined but she has a strong drive to care for them and may begin to do so once she is calm.
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By confined space I mean our feral room which used to be the spare room in my house, now we use it for TNR recovery. It is small but safe, unfortunatlly Diffidill as my mom has named the momma has climbed under the only thing in the room, Other than the kennels and kitty needs... a small twin size bed. She has now decided to take one of her kittens under there with her, and since she is nursing her we don't want to bother them, pretty sure they are safe, nothing under the bed with them... I will try the box and thanks for the link, I hadn't gotten that far yet, you all were my first choice for advice since my vet is closed... How long should I wait for the momma to start nursing the left behind kitty before I try to feed it?
Thanks again for all your help!
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Well, daffy has decided that being a mom is not so bad at is now nursing both of the kittens!!! She uses the litter box and has taken to the large plastic lexan to take care of the kittens. Thanks again for all the advice, I will be posting pictures of them all soon.
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