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I can't tell you why (yet) But I need 10 really good, and I mean really good photos of cats. They have to be at least 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high. They have to be sharp clear images and you have to allow (us) to use them for a demo. I needed them ten minutes ago-

If anyone can help out, please email the photos to maryanne@thecatsite.com. We need cats in the photos, not background objects-

Thanks! This illness threw me behind things-
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Aaah! I have two fabulous photos of both my babies, but I haven't downloaded them yet, and I'm at work, they're at home.....Sorry! They are so good! I wish I could help......
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Check your mailbox !
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I am sending you 3 right now , let me know if you need more .
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Sent you one of Boo. Of course we thing she's adorable, but we *might* be slightly biased.

Jeff & Sue
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Sent you a email
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MA, you have mail.
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Mail is on it's way...
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Thanks all of you- just one thing, no black and white- (not cats but film) Grayscale is acceptable but color is coveted.

Thanks to all who are sending them in. I am forwarding them on, I am not the deciding factor if they get used or not. But if they don't get used now, soon they can be............and that's all I am saying!
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What are you using them for?

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I just sent one!!
Hope it goes through ok.
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MA I sent you another one.
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Sent one..unfortunately I do not know how to resize,crop and it is large and could use a crop, but it is a superbly focused, gorgeous close shot of Lyra.
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I sent one of Simba.
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LOL Okay guys- I sent them all! Kass, Heidi, Deb, Cindy, Cathi, Tania, gramp, Hope, Pat and all the others I have received are on their way. THANK YOU! You helped me make deadline- and now I will say NO MORE pictures. or the gentleman may never speak to me again for clogging up his mailbox.

Stay tuned in the coming days to find out what this is all about- and thanks again!
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