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So how do you do this ??

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Hello Everyone,
Is there a way to get a message that someone has posted to
a thread I have posted to ?
Did I explain that right ?
Petfinder.com does that. You get an email saying the post you
were watching has an update.
And where do you go here to read about how to do that kind
of stuff or how to put in a sig or other stuff ?
Thanks !! PB
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Prettyboy, when you post a reply (not a Quick Reply, if you get in that and want to subscribe click the Go Advanced button) scroll down for additional options. The first drop down option is where you can subscribe to a thread. You can also change it so you automatically subscribe to all the threads you post to in your User CP, Edit Options under the Messages and Notifications section. Also in your User CP is Edit Signature, where you can do just that. To have a picture in your signature it has to be remote linked. See How to Post Pictures for how to do this.
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When you are doing your first initial post, you click on subscribe to the thread. It will then automatically email you every time there is a reply to your post.
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When I reply to a thread and some one else reply , I always get a email in my mail box and I don't have to subscribe . Is it my settings maybe ? I asume it is normal to get a reply in your mail .
Unless I did not reply in a thread but I have a interest in that thread I go and subscribe to that one . Am I wrong ?
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In your User CP you can automatically get email notifications for any thread you post to. Go to User CP - then Edit Options - then scroll down for the Default Thread Subscription mode.
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Thanks Everyone !!!
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