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Our D.T. for Wednesday

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We haven't had one in awhile, and I thought in light of how reality as we know it, has been altered forever, it would be good to have a thread for today that people could check in with thier thoughts, concerns, sadness, etc, as well as what the day holds for them.

I think that I'm still numb. The whole thing feels like a bad dream. Unfortunately, as a nation, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Now that the 'dust has settled' we are hearing the stories of horror that our fellow Americans had to endure. It's enough to turn you blood to ice water. We are now peicing together the last moments of lives lost, and it's horrifying. Like I said, I think it will get worse (in terms of details brought to light) before the healing can begin.

I just want to say a quick prayer that all our friends on this board seemed to make it through unscathed and relatively untouched, considering. I hope that this tradegy serves to strenghten our bond, and friendship and helps us realize what is truelly important.

Thank you so much to our overseas friends for thier prayers, and messages of love and compassion.

I hope all of you are finding some peace (at least internally) and figuring out how to deal with the devastation that has befallen us. I truelly believe in my heart that this country will not only survive but prosper (no matter how long it ultimately takes) in wake of all of this. We have been targeted for many reasons, not least of which our strength. They will not take that away from us.
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Tomorrow I will be 53 years old. I have to say that the events of this week will make this one of the toughest and emotionally loneliest, birthdays I have ever spent. I have lost a fiance (more importantly Soul Mate), my Mom, my Dad, my baby Sister and countless friends and aquaintances in the past, and I have, some how, thru the Grace of God; managed to heal. (NOT forget but heal) Now, thanks to a manifestation of PURE HATE by "faceless cowards"; I don't even want to celebrate the anniversary of my birth. This date will always remind me of the week of 9/11/01 and the thousands lost. . . . . . . . . .

To all of you I say, "Please, don't forget to pray for peace, healing and understanding in the aftermath of this National Tragedy.

I am very forunate to have family (safe) around me; not to mention, my TCS family. I am so happy to know you all and wish I could take "special ones" of you in my arms and hug you. Iwould like to take all of you into my house and keep you "safe" forever, but I know how unrealistic and selfish that is. . . . . . .
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The air is quiet and the creatures are subdued. It is as if they know that something is up, but not quite sure what. I am getting emails and stories from people I know only through the internet full of anguish and lost hope as time goes on and no word of their loved ones appears. It is amazing to me how the Internet has connected all of us together during this time.

I am still on crutches, not a big deal in the greater scheme of things, but Mike has been feeding all the animals lately. I used to wonder what it would be like to be a couch potato during the day, but now I hate the thought of even turning on the television because of what I might see or hear.

We are having out-of-town guests this weekend, this was planned weeks ago, and I wonder if they will even show up in light of what has happened. I also wonder about the policeman and fireman that are buried in the rubble and I pray they are all still alive and will be found soon. Who knows, maybe with them being in the rubble they are helping others survive who would normally give up? I know false hope, but without hope there are no dreams.....

Happy Birthday Darlene- may you find friends and loved ones to spend time with.......
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I was obviously quick to assume that most of us had made it through unscathed, but that is not the case. I shouldn't have assumed since noone had posted about how closely this tradegy struck them, that we had made it through untouched.

I apoligize for jumping the gun, and all of my heartfelt sympathies go out to each and every one of you in your time of loss and sorrow.

Darlene, your post broke my heart. I wish that I could take on some of your burden onto myself. If it were possible, I would do so in a second. I thank God that I have met you, and knowing you enriches my life. You are one of a kind.
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AP, Hissy and Darlene,

I got home from work late last night, feeling tired and worn down from everything that happened yesterday and the craziness of the newsroom. My heart was heavy and I was glad to be home with my furbabies. I sat on my bed surrounded by them (which is very unusual) so they must've known somthing was going on. It's amazing how animals can sense stress, depression, fear, etc. I looked at them all and simply asked them what is happening to this world. As I started to cry, 3 of them came over to me and started licking my cheeks. Who says cats can't comfort you? For the first time in two nights, I actually slept like a baby.

Darlene, Happy Birthday. I wish I could be there to help you. You are a wonderful person with a heart of gold. You are in my thoughts.

Hissy, when I got up this morning, I didn't want to turn on the tv either. Having had to watch it while at work, I couldn't possibly imagine what else would come up in the 9 hours since I left work. Besides, I was afraid of what I might see. On the way to work, I went to church, said a prayer and lit a candle and prayed like I've never prayed before.

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