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Crayola Persians?

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Anyone heard of this before? I am curious is there a photo of one somewhere? I have heard of Lilac, Bi-Colors, and the other colors, but not Crayola?
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Hissy I found this and it sure looks beautiful http://www.craycats.com/
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oh they are beautiful
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Looks like Crayola Cats is the name of her cattery. Beautiful cats! I can't look too long though.
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Yes I wondered about that, is it the name of a breed or cattery?
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beautiful kitties!
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Crayola cats is the name of the cattery. I think my favourite would have to be Champion Crayola Cats "Good Golly Miss Molly."
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She sure has some beautiful cats.
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I like Crayola Cats Almond Joy of Fur Pleasure. I usually don't like persians much, but these cats are beautiful!
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Yeah Crayola Cats is her registered prefix. "Vivid Imagination" is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing- Gorgeous Persians.
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