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I live in a Mad House

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This time last year there was just Hercules and me. Staid Hercules quiet and loving sadly had to be pts. Then there was only me rambling about in this old victorian terraced house. Now there is Buttons, Felix, Tara, Pebbles and little me. And the place has turned into utter chaos. One of my friends told me that she thinks I have the happiest cats she has ever met.
I wonder: Last night I got home from work and I opened the living room door to have four felines jump all over me, after the scritches, strokes and mumlings I went into the kitchen. The floor was covered in tiny bits of glass, you know when it shatters and it looks like beads. God knows what it once had been because I can't recall being foolish enough to leave anything breakable within reach. So then there is the fun of sweeping it up and keeping paws and bodies away from the danger of being cut. Next is tea time. One saucer each of their favourite Hi Life. Buttons decides she wants to eat from every dish, and Felix decides he would rather sit on his. Pebbles looks on with a haughty disgusted look and Tara does a mad dance around Buttons until she lets her in.
Tea is over and its grooming time, Tara falls off the sofa with all her squirming in delight at being brushed, Pebbles bites the comb until it breaks and Felix hides under the chair. I come into the dining room, turn on the computer and Buttons jumps up and stands right in front of the screen, then takes over control of the mouse, and then plays with the keyboard. Felix then does his famous Brrrr noise and they at once all tear up and down the stairs like there was a fire in here. They run into the dining room jump on the table, pounce off sounding like a herd of elephants and attack the book shelves. I will carry on with this another day because it goes on and on. Where has my quiet home gone? I am so glad, Thanks to my furbabes I now have a house of fun.
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What a sweet story I love your descriptions, it seems like a mad house at times, but at the end of the day, you know you couldn't have it any other way
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Squirtle that's for sure, and my daughter can't wait to get here every weekend (just to add to the chaos!)
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What a day! Don't your babies make your life so much fun!
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Cilla that was lovely to read but funny as well

With having hardwood floors my two sound like elephants as well when they chase each other so to have four sets of tiny feet running around?!

Still we wouldn't have it any other way!
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All of, who live with cats/dogs/kids or any combination thereof, live in madhouses!
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