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It is so quiet today

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The highway that usually is so busy near the house is virtually empty. The cats are all hugging close to home and the air is really still. I heard there is a storm heading our way, but I think the quiet is from the shock of yesterday. Gas at one station near the freeway is $3.12 a gallon! Imagine that! I heard about the cell phone call from one of the heros on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. The man told his wife "We are going to die anyway, so three of us are going to do something so more don't die." To be a hero in their last moments, I hope they are at least awarded a medal posthumously. Early this morning, they had a terrorist expert on NBC and he was saying that he sincerely doubts this attack was propelled by only one terrorist leader Bin Lauden. He said that Hussein and others might be found to be underneath the surface once it is cracked. I just keep thinking about all the people whose lives were forever changed yesterday morning as they reported to work.
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It is also very strange to look up into the sky and see no planes.
Eerie calm....
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our phones at work weren't so crazy today. usually they ring off the hook all day long, but not today. due to the nature of my company we have a TON of clients in L.A. and NY. our NY friends were all at home, and not doing much in the way of work today. most of them are still shell shocked.
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I live in the most populous part of the city at Portland; and the lack of aircraft in the sky is most, well, strange. Also, oddly enough, I don't hear as many motor-vehicle horns being sounded (I live near an intersection) as during "normal" times.

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I agree, it had been quieter today. Even people who normally joke around a lot are quieter in my town. There aren't near as many vehicle sounds today.
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