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Anyone ever had to put a kitty down due to FIP?

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For anyone who's ever had to put their baby down because of FIP, I have a few questions...Did you have more than one cat during this time? Did your other cat get sick, as well? The vet assured me that my Stinky cat should be okay, but there's obviously no guarantees with something like this. If one of your other cats exhibited signs, also, how long after did you notice symptoms after your first cat was ill? I am afraid for my remaining cat, and don't know when I can relax and stop analyzing every silly little thing she does. She's a goofy girl, anyway, with lots of quirks and personality, and I want to be able to just enjoy her company, rather than think of horrible things, such as her getting sick, also.
Thank you for your time. I realize that there is still much to be learned about this virus, and even more questions.
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Hi Jenn,
I have maintained contact with Jen in Chicago, her Savannah died the same day as my Freddie last November and we kinda bonded through that ordeal becuase we both had to make excruciating decisions. She learned all she could about FIP and had Simon, her other kitty, tested after Savannah's death becuase of the coronavirus and how it can lay dormant or incubate up to a year in a closed setting, as she had an apartment and was worried. I bet if you used the Search function and typed in Savannah you would pull up a LOT of stuff on FIP in a multi-cat household. Maybe even contact her if she's still active on the site. She has a huge heart and perhaps would be helpful to you. Big hug from across the valley,
Elizabeth and Sasha
P.S. I'll send her a note and alert her to your posting.
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When Tuxedo first had anemia, before it was diagnosed, our vet thought FIP was a possibility and we had to quarantine all our cats. We had them all tested for their corona virus titre levels. As I'm sure you're aware, they don't know what specific virus causes FIP, but they do know it's a corona virus. This means that IF there is a high titre count, it does NOT mean it is FIP (could be a cold, which is also the corona virus). But if there is a low titre count, you can be assured that your cat does not have FIP. Might be a good thing to discuss with your vet, and perhaps having Stinky tested for her corona virus titre levels would help reassure you? Just remember - if they're high, it does not mean it is FIP. If it's low, then you can be pretty confident she's going to be OK.

One other reason for doing this, however, is should you want to get another kitty in the future, if Stinky's titre counts are high, then you might want to consider having any new kitties in your home vaccinated against FIP just in case. The FIP vaccination is somewhat controversial, because unlike the rabbies vaccination it's not 98% effective (I don't remember the number, it's like 60%, but your vet should know).

I'd discuss all of these option with your vet.

BTW, I'm so, so sorry for your loss. It's a terrible disease.
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FIP has taken several of my beloveds from me.
The last one to die was 2 years ago.
His name was Licorice.
He was a beautiful little black kitty who has 2 brothers.
His one brother was just recently diagnosed with leukemia but he is maintaining very well at the moment. His name is CookieDoe.
Licorice's other brother, Wacky, is just fine...no diseases that we know of.
He is healthy and a wild man.
All my kitties who have died have had the "wet" FIP. It is exceptionally horrible and it claims them fast once they start showing signs. Licorice had the "wet" too. I had him euthanized. He was very young only 3 months old. My vet told me that just because he had it does not mean that any of the other cats can come down with it. I do believe they are born with it and it is not as contagious as once believed.
I hope and pray all goes well with you and your kitty. I am saddened to hear that your baby has been stricken with such a horrible disease. My heart goes out to you. Just hang in there and cherish each day that you have with your baby.
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Thank you all for your replies, I really appreciate it. I was fortunate enough to have been slightly educated before that fateful visit to the vet almost a week ago. I was aware that it is 100% fatal, and I had a terrible feeling that my Tank had wet FIP (which is what he had). It was crazy, how it all played out. He was lethargic for about three weeks, wouldn't eat or drink on his own (I took him to the vet twice before he was diagnosed, they couldn't figure out what was wrong). Then, in the span of three days, I noticed major fluid retention going on in him. It was then that I started getting really frightened that I wasn't going to be able to fix him. Plus, it had attacked his brain, and he could only walk a few steps before either falling over or laying down. It was terrible to see him like that. I, also, put him down, because I knew that there was nothing we could do and that it was most likely extremely painful for him. Although I knew/know it was right, it still hurts so bad inside! Can't seem to go a day without crying. I knew I loved my babies, I guess I just didn't know how much....
I am hesitant against getting Stinky tested, because I am afraid that I will take the results too seriously. We will most likely get another cat, but we are moving in September, and it won't be until after that. I do plan on discussing vaccination and testing prior to getting another cat. I never want to go through this again. I miss him like I would miss my best friend.
Thank you, Elizabeth. I will look for info under Savannah. Funny thing- Savannah is Stinky's original name. She was renamed shortly thereafter due to her, uhh, "interesting" litter box habits.
Thank you all again for your responses. I will continue my quest for education!
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Just over a year ago I lost my 8 month old kitten to FIP. I also have a 17 year old cat, and I worried about her constantly for several months afterwards. She doesn't seem to have caught it, but I remain vigilant.
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I lost a cat to FIP about three years ago and we had another cat all the while. we were so worried that Twig would get fip also and we had him tested, it came back neg. he's almost 6 now and he's never showed signs of it and he even cleaned Zen(the one we put down because of it) and watched him the whole time he was sick, never left his side for a minute. so when Zen passed, we took all the litters food dishes, everything and got rid of it and started with all new. then we waited for a year( the vet told it it'd be best to wait that long before we got another cat to make sure the virus was gone from our house) and now we have Rocket Isis and Luna too. Twig is a healthy monster weighing in at 16+ pounds and has never had any health problems.
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