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Not quite sure where I should post this...

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I have a few questions. I had two cats, brother and sister, 15 months old. On monday, I had to put one down due to FIP I know, best thing to do; also the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Anyway, my questions are regarding my remaining cat. They were littermates and had never spent a single day apart. These last few days, Stinky (the remaining baby) has been so vocal, especially in the kitchen (?). And she will wander around the house really slow, peeping under all the beds and looking in all the hiding spots Tank had used up until monday. When she doesn't find him, she just lays down and will lay there for a little while. I know she misses him tremendously, and I'm just wondering what I can do for her. I give her so much extra love, and whenever I find her like that, I lay down with her and pet her. She's become a lot more attached, and follows me everywhere! Poor baby, I know she's so lonely! That hurts my heart! Do you think she knows what happened? She knew he was sick....is it possible she realizes he's not coming home, ever?
Also, is it okay to feed your full grown cat baby food? I have some left over from when I was trying to get Tank to eat...can she have it?
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure Stinky does know what happened and she is very lonely and missing her litter mate. Poor baby. Just keep loving her and giving her the extra attention. If she continues to be so lonely for a long time you could consider adopting another mate for her. But I know that is hard to think about right now.

I'm not sure about the kitten food. I'll leave that to the more expert members here. But I do know it is higher in protein and extra protein can be hard on the kidneys of an adult cat.
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I'm very sorry for your and Stinky's loss. (((HUGS))) to both of you.

I'll move this to Behavior where people can help you help your greiving kitty....
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I'm so sorry about Tank. Yes, Stinky is mourning and as it's only been a few days, she won't have gotten used to the fact that Tank is truly gone. You are doing all the right things for her - lots of snuggles, reassuring her that everything will be OK and not crying in front of her, are all important.

Don't feed her the kitten food as it is too rich for an adult cat. Perhaps you know someone with a kitten or maybe donate it to a nearby shelter. If you'd like to give Stinky treats, there's lots of tasty ones out there especially designed for adult cats.

Good luck with her, I'm sure in time she'll be back to her normal self.
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Thank you guys for replying. It's Gerber baby food that I have, not kitten food. I know the kitten food isn't good for adult cats, but what about baby? It was suggested to me to get that to try and spike Tank's appetite before we knew what was wrong with him. I don't have any children of my own, so I know absolutely nothing about what's really in baby food! All I know is that it smells very strongly, and Stinky cat sure does like it! (I caught her eating it when I was trying to get Tank to!)
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