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You will not believe what just happened!

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I just got back to work from my lunchbreak, on the way here I stopped at the gas station to get gas, I was on E! As I pulled in the guy at the tank next to me seemed very angry and couldn't get the machine to accept his debit card. He kept fiddling with it and finally got it to work only he was holding the nozzle in his hand and must have had it squeezed because gas came out and got all over him and the side of his car. He started cursing and wiped down the side of his car (it looked like a newer model BMW, convertible, very nice car) and then finally pumped his gas. Turns out I ended up pulling out behind him and then we got caught at a red light. He lit a cigarette and suddenly he jumped out of his car because his sleeve caught fire. He never cleaned the gas off of his hands and arm! He was frantically waving his arms around in the air. I jumped out of my car and had no idea what to do and then a cop pulled up and shot him for waving a fire arm!!!!
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Oh my god.. is he okay now?? Thank you for sharing this with us because it helps us to be aware about the gas station.
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Wow--I hope the guy is ok! That is pretty have to be extremely careful when you pump gas!!
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Guys- It was a joke....... Read the last line again Maybe the mods could move it to the joke thread....
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Squirtle, You allllmost had me there. "shot him for waving a fire arm!!" Wonder if anyone else caught it yet?
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I was getting worried there..... My boss came in all excited and told it to me. I about smacked him!!
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You had me worried till I got to the last line....then I had to read it 3 times. I almost choked I started laughing so hard!
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Hey, Squirtle. You're welcome to start posting on the joke thread. That was a good one. :LOL
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Thanks Caspar The only reason I didnt post it on the joke thread, was if people knew it was a joke before they read it, then it wouldn't be so funny. I wanted it to sound very real until the end That is how my boss told it to me. He had personalized the whole situation, he got me good. So I had to share.
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Squirtle, you should have told it on April 1. You'd be surprised how many folks get so wrapped up in their jobs and their day to day lives, they forget what day it is.
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Oh man!! I feel sooo foolish!! Because I did read abou shot part. in my mind, WHAT but I was too focusing on FIRE. ha now i see the clear picture.. that is sooooo funny!
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don't do!!!
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well done squirtle
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Ha ha! That's a good one, I enjoy that! Gonna have to pass that one along...
What I love the most about it is that it really doesn't sound like a joke, and you get wrapped up in the story, and then the punchline...Nice one, Squirtle!
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Last year, when my trainer told that joke in class, HE was pelted with paper airplanes and roundly booed!

Good shot, though. I can't believe how many people fell for that!
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OK you got me. I borrowed this and sent it to my mother in law. In the words of the infamous Bugs Bunny, she's such a Gull A Bull!

Good one.
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I kinda got a bit suspicious when there was a next to the thread but you did get me LOL. Good one!!
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you had me going there, till the end but thats a good one
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Just about had me there! Gotta remember that one to pass it on!
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I got it, but only when i got to the "waving a firearm" part

Very good
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thats great... I read the firearm bit a few times and thought it has to be a joke - hehe then I read the next few posts and thought - nah its not true
hehehe good work!!!
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