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Samanthia has a heart murmer.....need help in making decision

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I was on another thread but decided to make a new one. I have two little manx sisters, one with a tail and one without, both about 10 months old. Last Friday we took them to the Salvin Clinic in our nearby town to be spayed. They did Smokie Jo and she is recovering nicely. They refused to do Samanthia because she has a rated #1 heart murmer. They said she would need to be done by a regular vet with the proper equipment.

Samanthia was about 3 days old when she was found abandoned and I bottle feed her for 8 days before her eyes opened. I walked the floors with her at night and stimuated her to teach her to potty by herself. I bathed her after feedings and bought special formulia to ensure she was as healthy as possible. I tell you all this because I want you to understand that she is special to me and my family and we are very attached to her. I am disabled and live on SS. I am facing dialysis in the near future and go in after the first of the month for my own surgery. I wanted to be assured that Samanthia was recovering before I went into the hospital myself but guess that will not happen.

I have been told that the regular vet wants an echo gram ( $275.00 ) and another $150.00 to spay Samanthia. I can not afford this yet I can't see her going through heat a couple times a month driving the entire family crazy. My vet told me the echo gram would tell them why she has the murmer and if she would need to be placed on medication. If she does have this certain problem and it is untreated she could die for no appearant reason shortly after 1 year. I really am at a loss.....I don't know what to do. I have three grandchildren living in the house and they love Sammy as much as I do.
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As your Vet if he is willing to work with you financially - a payment plan. Most decent vets will help!
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I don't know where in New England you live, but someone out here had posted a message about the Boston MSPCA Hospital, stating that they worked with her financially allowing her to not have to make an upfront deposit and cutting the price of her services by 2/3rds. $150.00 for a spay sounds expensive to me and I suspect you can get a better price than that at a place where spaying is critical to their core mission like the MSPCA and their hospital from what I read is outstanding. If you don't live in Mass, I'd bet your state has something similar, probably in a major city, I'd check into that.
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I live on the south shore of Massachusetts (Fall River area) I called the MSPCA in Brockton, Mass and told them what I was dealing with. They said they had no funds for "special" cases that they only do routien cases. I called a second vet and his price was $275.00 for echo gram and $120.00 or spay.
Taunton Cat (operated by Louise Collins) hospital in Taunton, Mass charges $40.00 for a pre-op visit and they said the spay would be between $175.00 to $250.00 depending on what is needed.

My own vet that has always took care of my doxie was who gave me the advise in my first posting. He said that they have a new medicine to put the cat under and while she is hooked up to the heart monitor if there is a problem they can bring her right out. I keep thinking of years ago when my puppie chewed up a package of sewing needles and the vet operated. Oh he got the needle out and all seemed to be going well but two days later the puppie died. I ended up paying a fortune to save the puppie and he died anyway. If I had the $ I would not hesitate but I don't. Right now I am leaning toward letting the vet do the spay and taking my chances. I hate the thought of loosing Sammy but I can't see any other way. He did say that if she does have this certain heart problem chances are she won't live more than a year. She is 10 months old now and appears healthy with the exception of a murmer.
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I have a cat with a heart murmur. he was a bottle baby as well and diagnosed when he went in for his neutering.

IMOM might be able to help you out. They are strict about their program. But if you qualify I have heard they do come through.

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Though I am sure that the MSPCA in Brockton is affiliated with the one in Boston, I don't know how their funding actually works. This is the thread I read that made me think that you should consider calling Boston, which isn't too far from Fall River. I don't know if calling is the right course of action either. Sometimes showing up and being panicked can get you the financing you need.

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When I was in a financial pickle with one of my cats and he was very ill, it was suggested to me to call the Humane Society, as they apparently have financial assistance (I don't know if they are grants or what) for those who prove that they are in need of it. This is a special situation, and I am hoping against all hope for you that something is found to assist you with this. I know how it is to want what is absolutely the best for your furface and just simply not have the money, and it's heartbreaking. If you have the time and patience, give your local Humane Society a call (silly question: do you have those on the East coast? I live on the west, forgive my ignorance! ). Also, if you call local vet offices, you may be able to find one that does have a payment plan of some sort (if you haven't already attempted this). This was wonderful advice handed to me from members of this site, and it proved to be invaluable. I found the best vet, and although the end product was unstopable, I wish I had been going to this doctor since day one. Anyway, don't give up! You are both in my thoughts and prayers!
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Can you check with your local and state and country-wide Humane Societies and shelters (such as the ASPCA) ? They sometimes do offer low-cost spay/neuter programs for those that need it. Some vets should be able to work with you on a payment plan though you may have to travel a little if you can't find one close.

Sphinx has a heart murmur as well - level 3 out of 6 with 6 being the worst case scenario - and doesn't need meds at the moment for it. Only if it gets worse will they prescibe one for him. They don't however want to put him under for anything unless it is life-threatening. Sphinx has had it for over a year.

Are they certain it will be a year or less? Some kittens outgrow the heart murmur.
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Here's a thought somewhat outside the box.
I took a look, and you have a Veterinary School in your state.
If you call them and explain the situation, they might be willing to take Samanthia on as a teaching case with little or no charge to you. It's worth a shot.

Here's the link.


Sue and I wish you all well.

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