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Sophies worming pill-Any other questions to ask the vet?

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Most of you know how my kitten Sophie had an upset tummy which i think was caused through the worming tablet the vet gave me?!.

Sophie is at the vets on saturday for her second jab and i'm going to tell the vet that i think it was the tablet that caused her tummy problems as it started with the first half that the vet gave her, then the same problem with the second half of the wormer which was given to her 3 weeks later, each tummy upset lasting approx 1 week!.

Thanks to Stephanie who did some research on the worming tablet, she found an ingredient in it that causes diarrhoea streaked with blood which Sophie had, and this will also be pointed out to the vet.

The manufacturer never replied to the two e-mails i sent which i'm furious about and will also mention that to the vet.

Is there anything else i should ask the vet?.
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oh I am so sorry to hear about Sophie ... I cant really offer any advice but will send LOTS OF HUGS to Sophie
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Aww she's fine now Danielle. Its just a new worming tablet and no one has heard of it before, not even my friend who works at a vet surgery.

I'd just hate there to be a problem with other animals which is why i'm pointing it out to my vet.
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thats great - I am glad sophie is better - Thats what happens when I dont come in here for over a week or so - I loose whats actually going on

good idea pointing it out to the vet!!
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What was the name of the wormer? I must have missed that thread.....

BTW - just bear in mind that ANY wormer is a poison, period. Of course, dosage is large enough to kill worms and not your cat, but perhaps the dosage wasn't quite correct? We've seen some cats not react to the wormer, whatever it was, and other cats get diarrhea and feel tired and sick for a couple of days on the same medication.
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Laurie the wormer is called MILBEMAX.

My friend who is a nurse at another vets surgery has never heard of it and from what i've seen on the website it's a new one!.

I thought it was Stephanie who did the research on it but it was "Tania"(Sorry Tania!). Tania found the ingredient called "PRAZIQUANTEL which can cause

Although i trust my vet 100%, i feel that they should still know. But what has really annoyed me is that i e-mailed the manufacturer twice explaining the symptoms Sophie had on each occassion of taking the wormer and was there any side effects that they new of, but no one replied!.
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I can't believe they never responded to your questions! That right there would be enough to make me apprehensive about the product!
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Im a suspicious person to start with so yes this has made me doubt the company further.

All the more reason i think to have a rant at the vet tomorrow
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rant away I say!! nothing better than a good rant
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I'm one of those people who gets of the fence and tells it how it is, in other words im not frightened to speak!
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