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Is My Cat Losing it?

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Hello all, my female cat has been going crazy lately with excessive licking on her backside, I can see her fur twitching and then she starts running, like she is trying to get away from whatever is bothering her. There are no ticks nor fleas so I'm stumped at what else it could be. Last night my husband was rubbing her back abit to see if that would help, she got agitated and hissed at him, hissing is normal for her, she has always done that since she was a kitten, but still took that as "leave me alone". Her back legs then started kicking out from behind her and she we just let her go and move about the house. Im keeping a close eye on her today and if things are still the same I will be calling the vet no doubt.
She was also not feeling well since last sat, no eating, kind of lethargic, she has just started to slowly eat and even gave her a bit of milk which we normally don't do. Has anyone seen other cats behave like this with the fur on they're backs twitching and then constant licking?
Thanks so much,
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Anytime a cat is lethargic and not eating they should be seen by a vet. Cats unfortunatly can go downhill very fast. The licking could be psycogenic, but with some of the symptoms you talked about, there could be something medically wrong. I would set up an appointment and get her in as soon as you can.
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I agree with Sandie, I think you should take her to the vet soon just to be on the safe side. I hope it's nothing serious and she is feeling better soon
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Welcome to the site...I would definately have her checked out by a vet. Please keep us informed of what your vet tells you or of any chances.

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Welcome to TCS

It is not a good sign for a cat to be lethargic at all . This is very critical and I need to agree with all in here you need to get your cat asap to a vet , like now .
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