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Questions about Pregnant Wilma

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Well hi everyone! I figured I would start a thread of her own here seeing's how I am pretty sure this is where I'll find the "cat OB/GYN" expects But anyway My 2 year old Wilma is Pregnant and thanks to some help from my first post it has been suggested that she is about 5 wks along. BUT!!!!! earlier today I was giving her daily pet down and had noticed that her teats are starting to swell. not much but enough for me to tell. Now my reason for posting is because I'm curious if this mean's she's further along then suggested? or what? Her teats weren't like that yesterday.......it's a new change. Yeah I know pretty sad of me to actually notice that but ever since I started thinking she was pregnant I started using our cuddle time to do a little investigating. I come home from work and get ready to sit and relax and watch some T.V. and she joins me to get her check up lol. I'm just not all the sure what I'm checking for anyway I'm just a little scared about this. and I know I am going to have TONS of questions! OH on more thing.....She's also become pretty mean towards Fred our other cat, Doesn't want him to clean her doesn't want to cuddle with him and the poor guy just doesn't know what wrong, I even sat and watched her push him out of the way of some CatNip I put out for them. She's always been a bit of a hog but she's always shared it after awhile. But now she just layed on the spot where I sprinkled it and didn't move. Anyway sorry if I am bothering all of you I'm just WAY new to cats and even more so to Pregnant ones!!!
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Mikey, it is possible that she is a bit further along, perhaps 6 weeks. It's hard to tell. The teats will fill up from back to front. She needs to be eating kitten food now and while she's nursing the kittens.
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How long have you suspected that she is pregnant? Their teats begin to pinken and swell a bit around 3 weeks, and then more so later in the pregnancy, and you'll also notice less hair around the teats. Most cats teats swell and begin to fill very late in the pregnancy, but I had one cat who even had milk from 7 weeks on. Each cat is different....
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ok I'm starting to freak out a little! Wilma's starting to fill up milk wise LOL She's now got 4 of her teats full. and if you squeeze them you get a little drop of milk. She's also doing nothing but sleeping and won't leave my side............Think she's gonna pop soon?? I hope so! I don't think I can wait any longer! haha. I can feel the kittens move around. Actually had one move across her belly yesterday. It tickled my hand anyway I'm hoping that she delivers soon! I just can't wait to see their wonderful little faces!!!!
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Awwwww... that is so neat when you get to feel them move isn't it?
Sounds like it could be soon..... keep us posted!
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Well Wilma had 4 wonderful and healthy kittens on the 16th. There is one Black and white Tabby, 2 that are black, and one white one. but I have a couple of more questions.........first off........Wilma is a tortie.........could the 2 black ones be torties too? or will a tortie baby come out looking tortie?? and second off.....how old will they been when I can find out what sex they are?? right now they all look like males! but I know that some way some how there's gotta be a girl in the bunch LOL! anyway I'm so happy to have these 4 most wonderful additions to my family!! I can't wait till their familys in waiting can come by to see them!
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Mikey..glad it all went well...please treat Wilma to a day at the "spa" with gender appropriate surgery. That way...she can enjoy the rest of her life litter free.

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Hello! I certainly hope you have a Pebbles or two in the litter. Here are a few links that explains how to tell:http://www.vetinfo.com/csexcat.html and http://www.indiapets.com/cats/articles/carta02.htm

I have no answers for you on the tortie genetics. Sorry.

Have a yabba dabba do, kind of day!
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There is a section on sexing kittens here. As for the colours, a tortie will look like a tortie when she's born and dry. If they are torties, they will be girls.

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