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Justice For Max!!!!

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First of all I would like to state MY position on this matter. My MAIN concern is for JUSTICE FOR MAX! I have been successfull in what I do because I NEVER lose site of the REAL ISSUE. And the real issue here is the fact that a defenseless animal was BRUTALLY BEATEN AND MURDERED by a human being that should be locked up in a mental ward for the rest of his life sipping soup threw a straw. My PERSONAL feelings about any other human being would NEVER stop me from seeking justice in a case like this. My SOLE issue is that cat and the fact that this individual is a probation/correctional officer of the law and is working with JUVENILES. I have a serious problem with that in itself. Any human that would commit such a BRUTAL act such as this on an animal would not think twice to commit this same act on another human. The very thought that the "act" itself was not considered in this matter BECAUSE it was a "cat" floors me! There RARELY is any gratitude from the human sector doing what I do or what anyone like me does. It's just a fact. The gratitude and satisfaction comes from justice served if you can accomplish it. Expecting ANYTHING from your own human race is a dead end street. If humans were as considerate as you expect them to be, then people like me wouldn't be needed ... now would we? If you stopped pushing for justice FOR MAX BECAUSE of your ill feelings for Catarina, her boyfriend, the lack of consideration and thank you's then SHAME ON YOU! There is NO PLACE for "hurt feelings" when you are fighting this kind of cause, it's energy wasted senselessly. The few animal rights laws we have now wheren't set in place by sensitivity to what OTHER PEOPLE thought of those fighting ... Those laws were set and passed by PASSION and DETERMINATION for the rights of these animals that can not fight for themselves against humans. YOU want to make a difference? You want to see justice for our animals? You want stiffer laws against violators like this maniac? THEN GET FOCUSED!!! FORGET THE BULLSHIT!! Put your anger where it belongs. Channel that anger into positive energy to fight with people like me who need compassionate animal loving people like you. Fighting against each other gets us NO WHERE and these animals NEED OUR HELP NOW! Not when you're done chopping the :censor::censor::censor::censor: out of each other. Please ... Let's make a difference ... Let's finish the REAL FIGHT here. Get your "gratitude" from watching us win these fights. Having stiffer laws passed and building better lives for the animals we love so much. These animals are the ones that are greatful, isn't that what really matters here? We don't have to love each other to do what needs to be done. WE just have to love what were fighting for ... Agree?

Ps ... Wolves are NEVER in sheep's clothing ...

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Feral Gaurdian...... you made a great point there....instead of people getting insulted, just because someone else doesn't totally understand their point of view, or bad mouthing each other, or WHATEVER.....we need to stay focused on what really matters....the cats. And that justice needs to be served for these inhumane people who purposely destroy and/or torture these innocent creatures.

Amen to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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