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The twins are walking!

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Got an e-mail from Sam, today. The twins are walking and Isabel has two more teeth. I do not envy Sam, having TWO 1-year-olds galloping around the house. When they come to visit, I bet they'll give Rowdy a run for her money.

Feliza had an ultrasound, of her urinary tract. She had an infection and the doctor wanted to rule out any problems. All is well, there. I suggested that Sam give her cranberry juice. Besides the UT health, its got Vitamin C. She said that she'll try it.

I found some baby swimsuits, with built-in flotation and sent Sam a link. The kids are in the pool, several times a week and these looked like a good idea. Sam had already ordered swim vests, so I held off. Turns out, the vests are bulky and cumbersome and the kids can't move freely. Sam OK'd the suits and I'm picking up a couple, this weekend. Both of my kids were in the water, before they could walk and I'm glad to see Sam doing the same thing.

Sam is sending pix and I'll post them, when I get them. She told me to make prints, for my parents (as if I wouldn't). My dad's computer is still down, so we can't e-mail them up there.
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Aww.... That's awesome.... I will be sending her healthy vibes. Cant wait to see the pics though.
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Put me in the line where I want to see pics too! Bet they are wearing both sets of parents out.
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Go the twins! They are growing up SO fast. Can't wait to see the new pics.

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Ahhh the twins. double the joy.
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Our neighbours at the cottage had those swim suits for their toddlers. They look so cute, as if toddlers aren't round enough! They used water wings too, along with the suits.

A friend of mine with twins swore that although they couldn't talk yet, the could still communicate to cook up schemes. And two sets of hands can do about 1000 times the damage that one set can do. For example, one time, they managed to fill the bathtub with water, drag their toybox into the bathroom, and give all of their teddy bears a bath. Way beyond capacity for the average 18 month old, but with two, no problem. And teddy bears take a long time to dry out.
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That is awesome!

As for the ability to communicate, I read somewhere that it is called twinspeak and I think it is fascinating! Double Trouble!
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