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Never saw this coming

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I have a kitty named Oreo, a fixed male only 2 years old. Most playful, energetic cat on earth. Even in his sleep he seems very alert.
Yesterday mourning I noticed he seemed drowsy and when I picked him up he wailed, which he never did before. I had to leave for a few hours and when I came home I didn't see him again until about 10 that night. That's not too unuasl since we have 4 cats and they have their favorite rooms, which he was hiding in.
I took him out from under the bed and again he wailed. He didn't want to get up and just wanted to lie around, which is very unuasl.
I took him into my room. I took out his favorite toy and he wouldn't play. I put catnip on his paws and he didn't look twice, and i became very worried. I figured out his stomache was hurthing him.
Well it didn't seem serious but I had no idea. It was late so there was only 2 24 hour animal hospitals within the area. I've heard horror stories about them and their prices, like one person took their cat in one night and unless they put a minimum deposit of $1400 that moment, the vets would let the poor kitty die of an infected uritha that night.
We were getting more concerned about Orea so we had to take him somewhere. We sure as heck couldn't afford $1400, not even half that, but we took him in the car anyway.
He was just fine yesterday.
On the way we changed our minds. We turned around and went in the very opposite direction, for a long drive to the MSPCA Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston. We've heard it's not only the best animal hospital in the country, but the world.
We eventually got there and, despite a somewhat long line, they actually examined him immediately. Aparently his urithra was blocked and if we had waited until mourning things could have been many, many times worse.
They treated him and said he'll stay overnight for a few days and didn't even mention the cost. They said since he's young he'll probably be fine after treatment.
At first they said $1400, but certainly not upfront. Then they said $890. Then they said that with their finnacial assistance program, they would cut that in HALF. There's no way any other 24 animal hospital could do that, but they could! And they didn't require ANY deposit, although we deposited enough to cover the examination fee.
I can only say I'm very, very glad we took him there. I thought maybe we were wasting our time and it was going to be something stupid, and we put a lot of effort into getting him there. I thought it would have been way too much money.
But that hospital really and truely is great and I'm very, very glad I followed my instincts!

-Sarah of Borg
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Wow, I am very glad that Oreo is okay now, and that was very smart of you to take him to the animal hospital. It sounds like a wonderful one!
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It's still hard to belive it could happen. I've had many cats for more that the past 7 years and I've never had one get sick, other than ear mites. He's the last cat I would expect to get so sick.
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Thank you, Sarah for sharing Oreo's story. I'm so grateful you followed your instincts and had him treated so promptly! This hospital sounds fantastic, and you are so fortunate to have it in your area! Please keep us posted how Oreo is feeling!
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Sending lots of positive vibes to Oreo.
I'm glad you were able to take Oreo to such a wonderful animal hospital when he got sick, and I hope he has a full recovery. Please post an update and let us know how he is doing.
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Thank you for posting this... From now on when I think there's something wrong with my cats I'm taking them to Boston. I just payed all told over $1500 for surgery for my cat at Wignall Animal Hospital in Dracut and I'm unemployed. That really emptied the nice little cushion I had built up for myself.
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So glad that you got Oreo there in time. How well I know the worry that can be!

Red Cat had a blocked urethra several years ago, and I'm in a small community, no 24-hour hospital. I'd already made an appointment for 9:00 the next morning before he got so very ill, but during the night he got so bad I didn't think he would make it. In fact, at 4 AM I tried petting him and there was NO response! I thought he had already died! I tried calling the local animal hospital's emergency number, but there was no response. I did get him in and the vet saw him as soon as they opened at 8 AM. He was in the hospital a few days and had another emergency there over the weekend. The bill came to about $450 and I thought THAT was a lot. (He didn't have surgery, though.) I can't even imagine the bills some of you have had to face for emergencies like this.

Here is hoping Oreo makes a full recovery and is able to come home soon.
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Well, I've promised to keep you updated.
Oreo was doing so well because we brought him in at such a good time, they said he'll probably come come tonight. We took him from the Boston hospital yesterday and transfered him to a more local one in Marblehead we knew was real good.
I went out for most of the day and I've just come back home and it's 5pm.
Then I got some news about Oreo.
Brace yourself, it's not good news.
Last night Oreo had a fever, and although they tried to cool him down, he unfortunetly passed on very unexpectingly.
It's an extreme suprise, as he was only two years old. Including him, I've lost 4 cats in my life and they were all very young. KC was 1, Mustache, her son, was 1, GC his brother was 2, and now Oreo was 2. All but Oreo were hit by cars.
The day before we took him to the hospital, he was perfectly healthy and this is almost impossible to understand. I don't know why he died, and why no one could help him or saw this coming.
But at least I know that my family tried our best.
I'm not so sure about the Vets though.
Here are of pictures of late Oreo:

He is survived by his sister, Shadow, his best friend Stripe (7 years old,) and his lover Peaches, 15 years old.

-Sarah of Borg
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Oh no, Sarah. This is so tragic. I'm so sorry, this must come as such an unexpected shock. I'm glad you know you did absolutely everything in your power for him. Your darling Oreo now frolics at the Rainbow Bridge with KC, Mustache and GC watching over you and your family. Please give Shadow, Stripes and Peaches extra love from me and Sierra and many to you. I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. Stephanie
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Sarah, I'm so sorry you lost Oreo. You and your family did everything possible to help Oreo, including taking him to one of the world's best animal hospitals, and he knew he was loved. He is now happy and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge where he will wait for the time when he can be reunited with his human family members.

before we took him to the hospital, he was perfectly healthy and this is almost impossible to understand. I don't know why he died, and why no one could help him or saw this coming
I will try to help you understand what happened, but I don't have all the answers either.

Cats are very subtle, and their instinct for survival tells them to hide any sign of pain or illness. This makes it very difficult or impossible for an owner to realize that a cat may have become critically ill. It's no one's fault when this happens, and sometimes we lose them in spite of our, and the vet's best efforts to help them. I lost a young cat under similiar circumstances once too, and I know what you are going through. I hope this helps you understand a little better.
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Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry for your loss! You did everything you could for Oreo, he knows you love him.

Respectfully, I will move this to Crossing the Bridge.
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Sarah, I am so sorry to hear of this loss! Having just very recently lost one of my two babies, I can relate with this devastation. Please do try to find comfort in the fact that you did everything in your power to take care of your kitty. What a wonderful person you were to take him in, regardless of the financial aspect! Your actions are truly admirable, and he was treated in one of the world's finest hospitals. Take some time to love extra on the rest of your kitties, they can sense your unhappiness. And please try to be gentle with yourself, and understand you did EVERYTHING humanly possible for Oreo!
Hang in there, you're going to be alright! And stick around, you'll be suprised by how much comfort and strength you will find with this group of people!
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I thank you all for your responses, this is a very hard time.
It's hard to understand why he went from very healthy, to very ill, to healthy again and then this. The cathador was working and his bladder was nearly totally drained. It's hard to belive he got some random fevor that was really this bad.

-Sarah of Borg
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Sarah, You poor soul! I'm so sad to hear your news. You did the very best job you could have helping Oreo! You are very resourceful. There was nothing more that you could have done. Oreo was a beautiful boy!

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My Mother talked to the vet, and my mom is well versed in human medicine so she explained some more things to me.
Oreo was fine this mourning, but while I was out he "went downhill very quickly." She told me just how much the vets tried to save him.
They put him on oxygen, tried to resussitate him, and everything. I find it comforing to know they didn't just walk in and he was dead, and that he was with humans and not alone.
Aparently he had a very high white cell blood count which means he had an infection related to the urithra block. However, we know that they tested Oreo's blood at Angell Memorial hospital and I don't know why they didn't detect it.
I remember hearing the results of the blood tests when we were at the hospital and they said he had dangerously high levels of something, but I don't remember what.

-Sarah of Borg
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A high white blood cell count is most usually a sign of bacterial infection. Bacteria multiply extremely fast. I realize that it was such a short amount of time between blood work that was okay, and what the results were from the second vet hospital, but please understand that these infections grow very quickly and can seem to come out of anywhere. To try and put it in perspective- have you ever had a bladder infection? One day, you feel perfectly fine, the next, you wake up with maybe some pain with urination, and maybe some slight throbbing, but within hours, it's excruciating. That's pretty much the course bacteria tend to take! Nasty little things, those bacterial infections can become. Please feel free to post your feelings, or PM anybody who you find comfort in (including me ) I am still in shock from Tank's loss, and would feel great if I can be of any assistance to you. This place is full of compassionate and knowledgable people. Let us be here for you. Take care of yourself and your babies!
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Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear about Oreo! Please know that you're in my thoughts & prayers! May he rest in peace.
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Before my Tank was diagnosed with FIP he had a fever of unknown origin. They didn't have a clue as to where it was coming from because his whole lab work up was normal. No high white counts, no signs of kidney or liver was strange. I know that you have a thousand questions, and very little answers, and I know you are hurting very badly right now. If you feel a great need to find answers, I'm sure if you called the vet's office, they would inform you of everything they possibly could. Don't be afraid to make that call. They were there for you and Oreo from the start, and I'm sure they won't stop being there for you, now.
Take care!
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Oh no, Sarah, I am so, so sorry to hear this! May little Oreo rest in peace. And know that you did your best for him.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Many hugs to you and Oreo's family during this time of passing.

You all did what you could for him and that he didn't die alone. He knows that and now is watching over you.

RIP Oreo.

Take care and feel free to post your feeling or to pm someone if you want to talk in private.
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RIP Oreo. I'm sorry to hear of your loss.
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There have been a few things that are kinda new.
I'm taking this very well, looking at it philosophically and remembering that death is not only a part of life, but that it's not nessecarily a bad one.
But I'm getting worried about my father. His life is very hard as it is, and every time we've lost a pet he takes it very hard. He wanted me to read something he wrote about Oreo and eventually I did, when I was ready.
He clearly blames himself and thinks he deserves to suffer. He thinks Oreo suffered immensley because he wasn't with us, although I personally would have felt much worse if we just sat by letting him die.
I think Oreo understood people were trying to help him, and I don't think he was lonely or afraid. I don't think the cathador really bothered him that much.
The problem is, my dad saw Oreo in the hospital before he got worse. He hated seeing Oreo with a cathedor and a neck-thing (u know, to keep them from pulling it out.) Still, I focus more on the fact that Oreo must have been in far less pain because of the treatment and pain killers, and understood that this treatment helped him feel better.
We had to take his remains home from the vet so we could bury him in our yard. My father was certainly not able to do it, and my mom wasn't looking foward to it, so the least I could do was do it myself because I knew it would't bother me too much. In a way, I felt closure when transporting his coffin to our home. It didn't belong in some freezer at the vet.
We will bury him hopefully tommorow. Fortunetly we have a spare freezer in the basement so we can take our time and get ready to bury him properly.
But I am very worried about my dad. I think I'm able to see things in a positive way, but he only sees the worst.
When he's depressed like this, he detaches himself from things. He spent all day working hard away from home today. I don't know how I can reach him safely and help him feel better.

But there is one little thing I've done and I hope it will help him as much as it helps me.
On this computer, my father saved his article in a special folder called Goodbye Oreo. I saved the first 2 pages of this thread to the folder and I really hope he sees them.

-Sarah of Borg
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Sarah, I'm so sorry your father is having such a difficult time coping with Oreo's untimely death. This makes it even harder on you because it is so painful watching someone we love so much in pain. You must wish you could just take all of his pain away. It sounds like your father is handling his grief the best he can right now by trying to keep busy and distracted. He seems to be working through his grief by composing the special article that he wrote. I so hope he sees Oreo's thread so he can see the loving tribute and know we realize how precious Oreo is. It's so wonderful that you are having a special burial for Oreo. You and your family are in my prayers during this painful time as you each seek to cope with the grief so heavy in your heart.
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I am sorry for your loss of beloved Oreo. My thoughts are with you and your family especially your dad. I hope he can come to terms with this loss. We all deal with things in our own way and maybe by keeping busy and writing things down he will get through this.
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im glad he is ok
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Poor poor Oreo. He in heven now. Happy and love you. Your father will better soon. He know Oreo know he love him. He only miss Oreo. Oreo very beutiful cat.
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