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A pregnancy question

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Hi all, My name is Kim and Iam from Ohio. I have given birth 4 times, but Iam stressing more over my cats! Does anyone know if they have a bloody type "show" durring early labor? Iam not sure of the conception date, but I think they are close. Their nipples are big and pink, and you can see and feel the babies move. One, yesterday, had a fight with the other twice(usually they are very close-they are sisters) then there has been like a brownish red mucus that has been comming out of her since yesterday afternoon.I wasnt sure if this is a sign that labor has begun or not. The amount of mucus isnt alot, maybe dime size, then she cleans herself, and about an hour later, its back. Please, if anyone has had Kittens before, HELP! Oh, and another thing, she is VERY affectionate and wants to be held,(but only by me) which is not like her at all.
Thanks, Kim
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Kim...welcome to the site...I recommend that you read some of the posts in the breeders corner:



Also...how many cats are pregnant?? And were these planned pregnancies or accidents??

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There are 2 of them. They got out of the house during my sons birthday party and were gone for almost a month, they both came home last week with big bellies. We had put up signs in the neighborhood and everything , but nobody had called, and we had begun to think they were "gone". It was their first time out of the house and they will be 2 in August.
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Welcome to the site Kimi!

I'll move this to the Breeder's forum where people who have much more experience can answer your questions about your girls.

Are you planning on spaying them once the kittens are weaned? Also, if you need ideas for adopting out the kittens (if you aren't keeping them), just ask. We have a lot of resources and ideas that can help you.
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Ah...well then....please once they have their kittens weaned have them spayed. Also...do not allow them outside until you have them spayed. It isn't only good for them so that they do not have anymore litters..but is healthier for them in the long run. If you need us to find you a low cost spay/neuter clinic..we can help you.

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The thing you want to make sure of is that it isn't green, and it doesn't smell!
Either of those, then you really should take her to the Vet if you have any doubt.

I hope everything goes well.
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Yes we are going to have them spayed after the kittens are born.I have had alot of offers of people wanting one when they come, so adoption probably wont be a problem. We will probably keep one of them(although Id like to keep them all) but that would definately cause a divorce! LOL. When I was young, my mom raised mini poodles, but I really cant remember much about the birth process with animals, and the mucus kind of scared me. Does anyone know if its a normal thing or if it means she close to delivering?We have alot going on and I really am scheduling things around these babies.Actually, Iam supposed to be at my sons senior awards banquet tonight, but Iam afraid the kittens will come.
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Hey Kimi...I know it isn't time yet...but you should consider adopting out the kittens in pairs, especially if the person who is taking a kitten doesn't already have a cat:


You will definately get plenty of help on this site for any question you have.

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