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Kitty Breath that could melt steel :-)

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I love holding my kitty Marmalade but sometimes when she yawns her breath is so bad i see the paint peeling on the walls its so bad lol Do they make kitty breath mints or does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks!! Jeremy and Marmalade
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Thank you for sharing this about Marmalade. This would concern me as a possible health issue. I would have to advise you to schedule an appt. for her to see the vet! I'm sure the experts will chime in with plenty of advice for you soon!
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yes i agree, i mean, socks sometimes has smelly breath, but thats only after hes ate
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I think everyone has a different idea of what "smelly" breath would be. They do make products for breath you can buy at most pet supply stores. However, having the vet check her mouth would be an exellent idea. They can have gingivitis, or even an infected tooth that will cause an odor. One of the biggest reasons to get a professional to look is mouth infections can spread and in some cases cause kidney damage. The best remedy is getting her to let you brush her teeth. It's not an easy task, but it keep her teeth and gums healthy as well as help the breath.
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She was at the vet last month and she had a clean bill of health and he checked her out. Its not all the time, but sometimes that breath WOW...i see the plants wilting lol......poor kitty lol
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that's Buffy! OMG, you stole her!! lol! Buffy does it too, she'll yawn, and there's this "click" sound and all of a sudden you're overwhelmed by this horrible stench. I mean, Oh. My. God. She's had several different brands of food, and you still have to clear the room when she yawns. Whew!
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My Asa is only ten months old but he has already had to have a dental. His breath would curl wallpaper, too. He also had red gums. I had to ask about it three times before they took me seriously and really looked. Then they got really upset and said he had a bad gum infection and he had to be on antibiotics for a month. In all fairness, maybe it wasn't that bad the first two times I asked them to check. Anyway, I would go back and ask specifically about her dental status. Asa is fine now and has just the regular cat food breath. Becky
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