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Poor Sadie has a miserable 'cold'

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Tomorrow will be our second trip to the vet. We took her over the weekend, and found out it was not that bad of a cold yet, maybe just a virus. She hasn't improved at all though, she may be a little worse.

Her symptoms are a hacking sneeze (a snough or a chortle), wheezing, nasal discharge, and now runny eyes. Her mew is sympathy-inducing now, it is so sad! She has been this way now a little over a week. It has me pretty worried. The wheezing is especially troublesome because it is a constant presence.

At this point we suspect the new addition Gin (who appeared healthy and passed a vet exam) brought some bug with her. I'm hoping its nothing more serious that was missed. We got Gin in early May and have been slowly introducing her to Sadie and Scarlett. Scarlett has no signs of illness which is curious. Maybe something she was immune to.

Hoping for some good news tomorrow.
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awww your poor baby, i truely hop she is ok please let us know how it goes
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Poor Sadie! Get well soon, sweet Sadie! Please keep us posted how she's feeling and how the vet. trip goes!
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Poor Sadie.

Hope she feels better real soon. Please let us know how she's doing.
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I guess vets get sick too - all appts yesterday canceled because the doctor is sick... Sadie is about the same, no better no worse. I would feel better if she was checked out, but it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer. Hoping the doctor gets better too!
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You must be really frustrated about that. Sure hope you can get her to the vet soon. Please continue to let us know how she is.
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Because of the holiday I wasn't able to get Sadie to the vet as they are not open. I've kept the emergency clinic in the back of my mind, but we haven't needed it and Sadie is getting a little better. Much less frequent sneezes and coughs. Still some, but definitely better. I'm beginning to think this is a viral thing that may just need some time to go away. The wheezing is also much less pronounced.

At this point I am happy that I haven't had any meds to give her since it appears to be clearing up on its own. The major indicator that she is getting better is that she has resumed greeting us at the door when we get home and makes the attempt to sneak outside when we open the door. Once she had stopped doing that, I knew she must be sick.
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I'm glad to hear she's showing some improvement. Sounds like you're monitoring her very carefully. Hope she's back to herself soon!
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