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Fostering kittens for the local shelter

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Just wanted to share that I am fostering two litter mates. They are 5 weeks old now, they were 4 weeks when I got them. Are twice as big already. Eat like horses and play and sleep. It's not too hard, easier than bottle feeding obviously. I feed them and cuddle them, they are socializing well. They were really scared and I could tell the volunteer coordinator at the shelter wanted me to take another pair since I am new and these seemed to need extra help. But once i got them home they responded well to me. And now come to me when I come in the room. I don't think I can adopt them, I have a small place and could only keep one (I already have a cat) and they really shouldn't be separated.

I have learned a lot, like put newspaper down until they are fully litter trained Or you will go crazy. They are basically litter trained, I find surprises now and then but seem more in command now.

I bathed them once cause they were pretty messy, but other than that they are cleaning themselves well too.

I do miss having full run of my bathroom (they live there basically) but other than that it's not too difficult, if you want to do some volunteering somehow this is a good way-you help your local shelter who are probably overwhelmed! And it's very gratifying to see them grow and flourish.
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Marge, thank you so much for sharing your experience fostering with us! I really admire people who foster - I've found it to be the hardest part of rescue. Hubby and I live in a really small space, and we did NOT have room for "one" more - each time, starting with one - and we're up to five, lol! But we've been willing to create a "cat heaven" at the expense of our own surface, storage and floor space, and I wouldn't recommend having multiple cats in a small area to everyone, lol!

Giving up kittens after fostering has to be one of the hardest things to do, and I commend you on your dedication.
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Hi Marge!

I just had a few question that I forgot to ask you earlier! Does the shelter you work for call you when they need help or do you go to them when you have time? How did you get started? Do you have forms and stuff first? I wasn't sure how long it took to be a foster mom to animals. Do you have to have a special room? Can a bathroom do? Do they have a problem with children being near the animals? I know you take care of them until they are ready to be adopted...so you feed them and take care of them at your own expense? Does that include the vet also? And then when they are old enough to go to a new home what do you do then? Does someone come get them or do you take them to an adoption site? Sorry about all the questions! I thought I would pick your brain to learn as much as I can! I'm thinking I want to get into something like this. Thanks Marge!!!!

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Thanks for the encouragement, I feel good about this.

They do cover vet bills, I mean you take them to the shelter if there is a problem.
The food you pay for and they eat a ton so it isn't easy, i am getting them into dry food now, mixing it with wet so I won't have to morgage my home to feed them (and also I think a combo is good personaly. They really shouldn't be around really young kids I would bet cause they are fragile at this age. But I think older kids would be great for them, I mean I feel I don't play with mine enough actually. Gentle cuddling and letting them run around supervised is good. You do need to confine them when not supervised, I use the bathroom. I lay newspaper all over so if they poop it's no biggee. You have to keep them separate from other pets at first too cause of possible diseases.

I answered an ad in craigslist about fostering myself, I wrote the shelter and then they
contacted me. I picked up the kittens, in fact they gave me a choice of ages, I also think they hope you might adopt so they want you to pick them out! I will take them back when they 2 pounds. I will also take them back next week for a round of shots.

The only hard thing is budgetting time for feeding, but you said you don't work so that shouldn't be a problem. I also miss having run of the bathroom but no biggee.
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Oh and another good piece of advise, play the radio for them all day. Cause it's good for them to get used to human voices, I choose classical music cause it's calming. I don't think rap would be good but calm music is.
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