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Just a share

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I just went around earlier and hugged every one of my cats. They all seem to know something is up, because they are hanging around the house, so I took advantage of that and just spent time with all of them, hugging and loving them and letting them know how special they are. Then I went out to my horse and gave him a huge hug also, then cuddled with Mike until he went to bed. he turns into a pumpkin at 8:00 All of this chaos has really driven home the realizaton that the important things in life are the ones we love most. And out the window flies all the petty arguements that once seemed to be important, but really are not. Even the boards that have been previously ripped asunder by people causing trouble, have all united now because of this horrible horrible day. Just makes you put your priorities in the right light and realize that humans are a very valuble commodity and we should all enjoy each other in the moment
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Hissy you are so right,as my husband and two daughters were leaving for work and school,I gave them an extra hug and I kept telling them to take care.As Ive said on another thread,I was telling my cat Felix and my little guinea pigs what a cruel world it can be.I like to think animals understand in thier own little way.

Sending prayers to all the the people and animals that have been affected by this terrible tragedy

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