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Punkin hates....water?

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I have a strange one, I think. My cat Punkin is constantly knocking over, moving, spilling, his water dish all over the floor. We've tried different dishes, different locations, etc. He just seems to like to make a mess. It's really become a daily thing lately, and I'm at a loss for what to do. Has anyone else had similar problems, and if so, what did you do??

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Yeh...my cats LOVE nothing more than to knock the dish over (I really think they see it as play)...so this is what I did....I first bought a bathmat to put under the water dish...then...I bought one of the water dishes that has water that streams down a little shoot. They haven't managed to knock that over once.

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Jeepers does this too.......... Just because she can!!!!! I bought her a big water dispenser thing (a bit like a water cooler) that has a BIG water tray. She cannot tip it but can play all she likes since the water is replenished daily (sometimes twice if it gets gross)
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Sounds just like Max. He spills it so much we got him one of those big plastic doublediners for dogs. They put a tiny bit of water in it, and he still spills it. He'll put his paw in it and move it and spill it before reluctantly drinking it, if he even does.

Since his humans wouldn't want to pay $30 for a fountain, I suggested leaving the tap dripping to his "mom." She was out when I last visited him, but his "dad" told me he turns on the tap several times a day so Max can get a good drink.

Many cats are messy with water in bowls, and most or all prefer running water. Those fountains are great unless you're literally broke (in which case I'd question your ability to adequately care for the cat, as I do with Max's--my friend and I took him to the vet and paid for everything, and we buy his food as well now).
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Audrey was the queen of sticking her paws in the water making it gross quickly, but that stopped once I got the water fountain for the cats and now I have no issues. I also have my fountain elevated off the floor in the kitchen so she's not so tempted and it keeps more dirt and other gunk out of it.
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One thing you need to look at is the diameter of the bowl. If it is so small that the cat's whiskers touch the sides this may cause the cat to knock over the bowl. They don't like their whiskers touching anything when they eat and drink.
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