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when do you start to worry?

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Well, I'm worrying now, but I wondering when I should REALLY worry and report anything. My cat went out this am, I don't usually let him out in the am but I am home today so I thought it would be fine. He never stays out more than an hour. I am so used to him reliable. He has been out now for 5 hours, and I went to look for him and can't find him in the usual spots. He has a collar on, with my number and so I have my phone turned on. But I am worried. It's ironic cause I have been weaning him off outisde for a bit, I even found this good way to trick him, I let him on the front stoop and then bring him back in and he stops crying. I am really concerned. But I know I have friends who have a cat door in the basement and the cat comes and goes as they please and they never worry. I am just worried he's stuck somewhere....
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Marge I hope he comes back very soon for you. There are hundreds of things he could be doing. Sending him loads of come back home vibes. Please let us know how you get on.
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awww i am sorry marge-
i hope hes back soon please let us know any changes
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I'm sure it is probably fine, I have a feeling he might be napping the sun. He naps at this time a lot. I'm a worry wort. Plus I just adore him...
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I hope he's back soon... if he doesn't get back by the end of the week start worrying!

There is an article on what to do when your cat is missing here in TCS. I will try to unbury it.
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I hope he comes home soon. Honestly, I would be worrying once it got to be past his normal outing. But maybe he is out with the cat next door, or just enjoying a nice day. I would say imo, if he isn't back tonight or definately by morning you should start following the procedures on the what to do in the 'if my cat is lost' post that Victor is hunting for. Good luck and I hope he comes home soon.
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Marge I am a worrier too, and I feel for you what you are going through. Please kittie come home.
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Thanks so much. I am very worried, but I am sending vibes. He is just so usually regular! Like the other day I had to go to a party, so I let him out knowing he would be back in an hour and he was! Do cats leave angry sometimes? I have been fostering 5 week old kittens for a few days and I don't think he likes it. I don't think he HATES it but I felt he was annoyed. I did makea point to give him treats and extra attention but I felt his space was invaded. They basically stay in the bathroom but still I know he could tell.

There is also a big event at the high school here, around the block. I wonder if he went over out of curiousity? I went to look and didn't see him, but I wonder if he was attracted to the sounds?
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Sending {{{{{{{{{{{{{come home kitty}}}}}}}}}}}} vibes your way.
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Thanks everyone it helps to write here. I am out of panic mode but am concerned, but I walked around and was pleasantly reminded of what a nice neighborhood this is, very nice people. So that was reassuring. I am not going to freak unless he isn't back tonight because he is used to his beloved wet food then and would miss it.

Do you think he might be mad at me about the foster kittens in the bathroom? I am thinking of taking them back to the shelter, but I don't want to not follow through (they want us to keep them until 8 weeks so I have 3 more...)
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It's still early Marge. Wait a bit and see what happens. Ohh! I wish he'd come home.
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You;re right, that is one reason I am writing here cause if I told anyone else they would say I was nuts for worrying at all this early. I even remember when I was a kid we had a cat disappear for 2 days and then return, my Mom told me she was certain the cat would return. So I am sure it will be fine. He might even be stuck somewhere and someone will hear him cry or something after they get home from work!

Man that little bugger can pull my strings!
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Marge, I don't know if he is upset with you or not, but why not 'discuss' it with him.... ok, I know your probably thinking I am crazy, but I had a long talk with Dori before I left town camping for a weekend because I was worried she would be mad. She actually sat and listened to me. I am not sure if this helped her at all, but it made me feel better
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Thanks so much for listening and the advise.

He's back, ah sigh of relief. He was into something I can tell. I gave him his favorite food and now I am not letting him out for along time. Boy it really made me realize how devasted I would be if he was gone. I wonder what the heck he was doing?

I will try the talk thing, I mean why not!
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Hooray!! I am so glad. You good, good kittie.

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YAY!!!! I'm glad he's home safe and sound!!!
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thank god for that, if that was socks, id be cuddling him for hours now
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Thanks everybody boy did I smile big when I saw his little mug let me tell you!

I now feel silly I worried so quickly, but when you have a cat who has a routine of being out for like an hour and a quick return and then is out for 7 hours it's scary.
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Nothing silly about it Marge, I would have been exactly the same, it's because we love them and we are their moms.
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