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On my way to the vet

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For the last couple of days Roo has been vomiting and has diahhrea. He's eating and drinking, I think, but is not only missing the litter box, but has taken a dump right on my kitchen floor! I've collected this for a sample for the vet and am on my way.

Any ideas as to what could be going on?

We don't have any chemicals readily available but they don't go hunting for them either. and they don't chew on electrical cords... I have no idea what is the matter with him.

Anywho, I'm on my way to the vet in about 15 mins. Please send good vibes our way that it is not something very bad.

I'll kepp you all posted.

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Please let us know how the vet visit goes. I hope it's nothing serious and Roo is back to normal in no time. I am saying a prayer for him now
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oh p.s. the only thing we CAN think of is the cheap wet cat food we give them sometimes. Probably a bad batch...but then it is only Roo that has got these symptoms.

Oh, he's also rubbing his bum on the carpet.
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ooh good luck tamme, hope roo is ok, let us know how it goes
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Roo is in my thoughts, do let us know what is up with the poor dear.
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Maybe a bad case of worms? Dunno.. hope he is ok though!
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Hope Roo is OK. Sending good vibes over. Please let usknow how you get on.
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ok well we're back from the vet and Roo has a slight fever and colitis. He was given an anti-inflammitory and antibacterial...I think - Longisil Inj. (.1ml=1 unit)

They're doing a Fecal Direct Smear and did a Fecal Float. Whatever that means.

He's also on a feeding program. Well they all are. He's up to 20 pounds now and is to bed fed no more than twice a day and after a 1/2 hour I am to take the food away until that evening. Which is what I do anyway except for the taking the food away part.

MAN, you should have heard him scream when she gave him a rectal. Whoo-wee! What a set of lungs he got on him! Good thing she was a small asian lady and not some big burly scotsman eh? With taking the temperature he bit me. But I have a sweater on so I barely felt it. But when they went to do the rectal they put a towel over him and called one of the assistants in and then he was too much for her so the vet sent her away to get another girl and the three of us held him down while the exam took place. That's when he screamed and howled like a banshee.

He was so mad afterwards that his nose glowed pink!

So he's home now and the vet will let me know the results of the test this afternoon sometime. But I'll be at work so I won't know until I get home tonight.

Thanks for all your support. I was really worried for him. and the bill which was only $111. I thought it was going to be near the 2 bill point.

anywho, thanks again!
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Poor Roo! Please let us know, I hope everything is ok
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awww poor baby
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Poor kitty. I hope he feels better soon. My heart goes out to your fur baby. I hope it's nothing to bad. Feel better Roo...
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Ah sending good vibes
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Poor Roo!!!

Sending positive thoughts and to Roo.
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thanks guys, Roo is doing good. He's snacking a bit and grooming himself. He's still having messy poops but hopefully that won't last much longer.

I'll start the feeding program tonight after Roo's feeling more himself.
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Glad Roo's doing a bit better.
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Tamme, I'm sending healthy vibes out to Roo for a quick recovery. It is such a horrible feeling when one of your cat's are sick and you don't know what is wrong.

Good luck with the feeding program!

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Tamme, I'm going to move this to Health & Nutrition because some of our medically experienced members really only check that forum. I'm sure they can tell you what can be expected with Roo.

Poor baby! Roo will definitely be in my thoughts, and I hope he's feeling better really soon!
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Tamme, poor Roo . Sorry your baby isn't feeling well. Not to mention his pride has to be hurt for having to endure that rectal . Did you receive the results of the test yet? Sure hope he is feelng better soon! Glad to hear he is back to grooming himself. Please keep us posted!
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Poor Roo!!

Sending get well soon vibes to Roo.

Glad he's feeling a little better.
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Awwww poor Roo ,

((((get well soon vibes))))
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Glad he's Ok!
Your description of the vet visit sounds familiar to me- Bibby is a cuddly sweetheart at home but a complete shocker at the vets.
Hope Roo makes a full recovery
Best wishes
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Please get better soon ROO!!!
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Hey Guys, thanks for all your kind words. I think it made a difference cause Roo is back to his old self. err young self. I haven't found anymore diarrhea on my kitchen floor so I HOPE he doens't have any, but we're still watching.

The tests came back NEGATIVE!!

So thank goodness for that.

I've got them all on a feeding program but Kanga is being stubborn about it. He still insists on my feeding him personally. (I throw his food one by one and he runs after it) Which is not what the feeding program is about. But hopefully he will catch on soon because I don't want to have to feed him ALL the time, ya know? It's fun for me to do it, but not everyday.

ok, well thanks again guys for all your kind words. I REALLY think it helped.
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That is fabulous news. Well done Roo
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Hurray, Roo! No more runny poop!

Those feeding programs can be so tough!
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