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The adventures of Frodo

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Once upon a time there lived Mr. Ty the Leopard on top of my computer. He was great friends with Mr. Fishy who lived in the aquarium in the desk next to him. Until one day...

Terro swept through all the land, because a new cat had entered the territory. It was Frodo the black panther!

Frodo would sit for hours on the desk and stare at Mr. Fishy and make him feel very unconfortable!

One day Mr. Ty the Leopard spoke up and told Frodo the black panther to leave Mr. Fishy alone. That was a big mistake!

Frodo leaped up from where he was laying and pulled Mr. Ty off the top of the computer!!! Mr. Fishy got really scared watching them roll around! Suddenly the Panther had Mr. Ty by the neck!

Mr. Ty felt the teeth of death clamp around his throat! But fortunately he was able to get free for a second! But luck turned against him and Mr. Ty was on the verge of falling of a big cliff!
But something caught him just in time! Mr. Ty looked up and much to his amazement it was the Panther who saved him!!!! But not for long, that grip the Panther had on him tightened around his neck and Frodo took a leap to the next landing.....the chair!

Mr. Ty suddenly felt that Frodo the black panther was not being kind. After landing. Frodo let out a big growl and both cats were neck to neck!!!!

Frodo had Mr. Ty in a headlock!!!

Mr. Ty turned and retaliated with a big swat of his cotton filled paw! This surprised Frodo....but he let his claws out and dug deap into Mr. Ty's head!

Trying to get away again, Mr. Ty takes another leap for his life!!!!

Sadly Mr. Ty falls to his death!!

But it's not over!!! Frodo the black Panther jumps to the ground to investigate the fall! Is Mr. Ty really dead!?

To the panther's great delight, Mr. Ty still has some stuffing left in him. So the panther drags his prey off under the bed to finish off his lunch!

A warning to all you "Ty" folk out there that still walk the lands that Frodo roams! BEWARE! One day you might be lunch!

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That was too funny..... What became of Mr. Fishy? or will that be in next months episode?
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Definitely next month's episode!
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that is so funny
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I can't wait. We may need a sneak preview of whats to come. All the good shows on tv give us a preview
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I'll have to talk to Frodo and his agent. He's requesting warm milk and a cat treat before he'll do anymore shoots!
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OMG, I love it....more, more..........
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poor Mr Ty!
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That was too funny! Should go into the childrens book business!
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That is soooo funny , what a great story . I wonder what "Frodo" the Panther is up to next
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Frodo is adorable!

Lisa & Sash
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That was great! I loved it!
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more more yeah
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And what a brave hunter Frodo is !!
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That was a hoot! Frodo the intrepid hunter! Can't wait for the next episode.
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Great story!
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How sad for Mr Ty
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That was are quite the story teller.I enjoyed that very much.It was perfect with the are good
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