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TCS Nostalgia

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I started to look around at the Feeback Forum... I checked the oldest threads listed... from when the forum was new and Anne was still changing things around trying to make them fit.

Man, I felt like a historian reading hundred year old documents...

Posts of Anne talking that the site is new so she is still changing and moving things, that she is asking the first few members for feedback on what they say about the forum. Things sure have changed a lot since then... not to mention the size of this place.

TCS came from humble begginings alright... The old days, when they were trying to figure out how to manage the forum software, and still unpacking the boxes of building the place, and newcomers were asking what was this site all about.

Man, this place has sure grown a lot... not to mention the server overloads. how long has it been? Four years nearly?

Looking back at the early days... I have to get all dusty in the archives to check about that.

Cheers For there isn't any cat site quite like this one.
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funny enough i was looking back on them the other day where anne was welcoming their 20th guest! its mad, i mean i havnt been here long, but im addicted already its mad to see how much its grown, and im glad it did
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I saw that post of Anne welcoming the 20th member... in that same thread Debby says she thinks thecatsite will grow and grow more, and that all we need is to get the word out!

Prophetic, huh?
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There certainly isn't another cat site like TCS. Great people, loads of information and help and beautiful cats.
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I love going back and looking at all the past posts. I agree TCS has came along way since the start and I can't wait to see the future changes.

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I'm also so addicted and so extremely thankful for this site! Just imagine how far TCS will go from here!
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WOW , I think this is awesome . 20 members wow and look now , we have so many now and every day people join TCS . This really tells you a lot how great this site is . I think TCS has about everything to offer in here , so every cat lover or animal lover can find about something they love in here What a great place to be
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YEA! It has grown to be over 6,000 members! Way to go TCS!
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