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Finding A Low Cost Spay/Neuter Place

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Hi everyone!

I am in the process of trying to find someone that will spay this feral cat I have once her milk is dryed up. I would also like to have the kittens taken care of too before they go to homes if possible. I called SNAP yesterday and they told me they were pretty much out of money and could pay maybe forty dollars of this for the mom cat. She told me to call her back in June to see if they could help out more later. Here is the problem. I really want to start taking care of strays/ferals and having them spayed and neutered but my husband is going to kill me if it keeps costing us lots of money. He has been very good about this cat and her babies but if I start having to pay lots of money on vet bills I don't know how understanding he is going to stay! I was wondering if someone could help me out with some advice or let me know what you did in this kind of situation? Thanks!!!

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Try these:




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Hi Becki,

If your area SNAP isn't getting funding, talk to them and find out why -- possibly together, you can find some funding sources to tap. Also, contact some local vets. Ask first, if they can suggest any organizations you could work with that already have programs to s/n. You might learn about an organization that way -- our program vets refer callers to us often. If they are not working with or aware of any groups, but the vets themselves (not ONLY the desk staff!!) are concerned or aware of the feral cat situation and want to help, see if you can work out an arrangement for working together.

It is a lot of work to start and run an organization, so if your Dear Husband is concerned about finances with this litter, I would not rush into even MORE involvement just yet! However, if you really do find that your area is not covered by any nearby programs -- and this CAN happen, it was the case for us some 6 years ago -- then you may want to tender the idea of forming an organization to operate a spay/neuter program for your community. It sounds as though you are actively thinking about doing more than working with this one litter and its mother, and that's great, but just, be patient with yourself, your husband, and your community -- overnight success happens more slowly than we would like! :-)

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You can also try SpayUSA - if there aren't local resources, they can help negotiate something with a local vet.

There are also links to other websites that have searches for local low-cost spay/neuter programs in the link in my signature line.
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Thanks! I will check all of these sites out and see what we can do.
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