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so im gonna own up to this now, a lot of the time on here id heard everyone saying they give their cats "catnip", now dont laugh but i thought it was food or summit(yes i know im thick )
so i decided to take myself to our petstore and to my surprise there was the catnip in the complete form of a powder ready to sprinkle on your cats toys etc.....
so i sprinkled it over everything socks plays with, and he absolutly loves it he gets so excited, bouncing off the walls the lot!!!! he acts like hes drunk off it,
does everyone elses cats love it as much as socks does.
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Dori seems immune to catnip these days..... Most of her toys say they have catnip inside but she never reacts. I bought her a catnip plant a while back and she rolled all over it, but that was the last reaction I have seen. Maybe I should try the powder or the spray stuff.
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I buy the catnip spray which i spray the toys with.

Rosie grabs whatever toy i've sprayed and licks, bites, kicks and rolls all over it

With Sophie being so little she goes crackers with all her toys at the minute so she's never been 'on a trip' with it-yet!
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If you consider mashing their heads into it, eating it, laying on top of it and drooling over it as "liking it", yup, I'd say mine love it! I do admit that there are a few here that are indifferent, but most love it.

Catnip is a plant in the mint family. Where mints grow easily, you can grow catnip. It grows wild around my house, and I have moved some around the patio so that it's easier to pick and bring into the house. Being a mint, it also helps repell gnats and mosquitoes.
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Both my boys love Catnip, I buy it in a spray because I got tired of having catnip flakes or leaves strewn all over the apartment.

It's pretty funny to see them hopped up on it.
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I don't give it to my cats straight because Sam gets totally wired to the point he is hurting people and Sally gets all freaked out and jumpy. She will sit with her pupils all dialated looking paranoid Their toys have it in them and they do fine with that but they can't have it in their food or anything else. I had a bag of it in the cabinet that they got into and were strung out all day. Junkies
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My mom and I were given some home-grown, dried catnip by a friend once. We used a little bit on the scratching posts, and I put the zipper-baggie away, up on the top shelf of my closet where I knew they couldn't get to it - yah, right. When I got home from work that afternoon, my bifold door to the closet had been pushed open (no easy task itself), the baggie had been pulled down and destroyed and the 'nip scattered all over creation on my bedroom floor. Even after we vacuumed, for two weeks or better the cats would come in and roll around on the carpet where the spill was. Powerful stuff!!!!!

Bella has two soft catnip-scented toys that she loves on and drools on until they're sopping. I accidentally washed one yesterday, so I'm going to the petstore to get some spray this afternoon.
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